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Release Schedule

22/03/2019 Sharkwater Extinction
25/03/2019 The Miracle
25/03/2019 Next of Kin
01/04/2019 Traitors Series One
01/04/2019 Babylon Berlin Series One & Two
08/04/2019 Baptiste Series One
15/04/2019 The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot
13/05/2019 Deutschland 86 and 83 & 86 DVD Box set
05/06/2019 George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead and Martin

Stylish More4 Cold War thriller sequel series 'Deutschland 86' comes to DVD and digital 13 May, alongside Deutschland 83 & 86 Box set

The hugely anticipated Deutschland '86 returns to More4 following the unparalleled success of the first series Deutschland '83, which critics hailed as the start of a golden age for German TV. Alongside programmes like the much lauded Babylon Berlin Series One and Two, which has a season three in the pipeline, the timing is perfect for the next instalment of this cool, super stylish thriller. It is set to arrive on digital and DVD on 13 May 2019 from Acorn Media International alongside a stunning box DVD set of both series.

Deutschland '83 saw viewing figures in excess of 2.5 million, exceeding that of the seminal Nordic noir hit The Killing and putting Germany at the forefront of must watch television. This epic coming-of-age story is set against real events, culture wars and the political realities of Germany in the early 1980s and sees Jonas Nay (Line of Separation) as a spy at the centre of this suspenseful Cold War thriller. The series also features an era defining 1980s pop soundtrack that hits all the right nostalgaic buttons (99 Red Balloons anyone?).

Deutschland '86 is an epic 10-part drama that catapaults audiences into the tumultuous political landscape of 80s East Germany. We join Martin Rauch (Nay) in 1986 and East Germany is broken, Perestroika is real, terrorism plagues Europe, the AIDS crisis intensifies and the struggle against apartheid rages on. Banished for his sins in 1983, Rauch wallows in limbo until his Aunt Lenora (Maria Schrader - Aimee & Jaguar, The City and the City) conscript him into her plan to drum up hard currency abroad. They set off on an adventure through Africa, Western Europe and finally home to East Germany. Can mafioso-style Capitalism save Communism just in the nick of time?

'Beautiful and brutal, humorous and provocative, satirical and sincere'


'Sometimes it's a sexy spy thriller, at others a weighty historical novel, and still others just straight-ahead action'

Rolling Stone

Aidan Turner & Sam Elliott star in 'The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Big Foot' which premieres in UK 15th April

Oscar nominee Sam Elliott (A Star is Born, The Big Lebowski) and award-winning TV heartthrob Aidan Turner (Poldark, The Hobbit Trilogy) are The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot in a unique new, genre-bending, rip-roaring adventure that sees a legendary American war hero as a young man and in his twilight years, taking on two very different adversaries. The film is set for its UK premiere with a limited theatrical home entertainment release on digital and DVD courtesy of Sparky Pictures.

Decades after serving in WWII and assassinating Adolf Hitler, Calvin Barr (Elliott / Turner) is enlisted as the only man for the job: to hunt down the fabled Bigfoot. Living a peaceful life in New England reflecting on his lost love Maxine (Caitlin FitzGerald - Masters of Sex, It's Complicated), the war veteran is contacted by the FBI and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to lead the charge to capture the elusive beast that is carrying a deadly plague. Can he find the dangerous creature deep inside the Canadian wilderness before it's too late?

Sparky Pictures is delighted to be working with producer Epic Pictures for the UK and Ireland release of this hugely anticipated film that was incredibly well received by audiences and critics alike at its gala premiere at FrightFest 2018.

Ian Dawson, CEO of Sparky Pictures said "Director Robert D. Krzykowski has crafted an epic, inventive fable to entertain and enthral audiences lead by the standout performances from its Sam Elliott and Aidan Turner. We are delighted to be working with producer Patrick Ewald and the Epic Pictures team on such a great film."

'Malevolent, hopeful and incredibly moving - a fantasy for the ponderous imagination'


Starburst Magazine

'A tall tale that's as contemplative and life-affirming as it is completely insane'

Den of Geek


An eye-opening, epic new feature documentary Sharkwater Extinction from Rob Stewart, the award-winning director of Sharkwater and Revolution takes us on one man's mission: to protect sharks from extinction and save the oceans before it's too late.

More than 150 million sharks are being killed every year. The oceans are in danger. Sharks play a hugely important role to the environment. Who is the real enemy: shark or human?

We join the courageous filmmaker and renowned activist on a hugely inspirational, thrilling but hazardous journey, as he dives deep into oceans and travels across four continents to investigate the eye-watering scale of corruption, destruction and danger that the multi-billion-dollar pirate fishing industry and vast illegal shark fin trade bring.

This action-packed story takes us from the seas of West Africa to Spain via Panama, Costa Rica, France, and even North America as Stewart exposes a shocking truth that is leading the oldest remaining predator to extinction. Shark finning is still rampant, shark fin soup is still being consumed and endangered sharks are now being used to make products for human consumption.

Sharkwater Extinction celebrated its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and has gone on to garner critical acclaim and earn multiple international awards. The film recently received its UK Premiere hosted by HRH Princess Eugenie of York.

Sharkwater Extinction stands as Rob Stewart's legacy as he was tragically killed in a diving accident, in the final stages of shooting the film in January 2017. His parents Brian and Sandy Stewart have dedicated themselves to completing the film which is now set for its UK release.

'The Missing' spin-off stars Tcheky Karyo as TV's favourite detective 'Baptiste', coming to DVD on 8 April

One of TVs best loved French detectives Julien Baptiste, played by the inimitable Tcheky Karyo, made a massive impact in the hugely successful drama The Missing Series 1 & 2 and now he's set to return to our screens with his very own show, Baptiste. This gripping six-part crime drama is set for its DVD release on 8 April 2019 courtesy of Acorn Media International following its run on BBC One.

From Harry and Jack Williams, the respected writers of the acclaimed The Missing comes Baptiste, a thrilling new drama starring Karyo (The Patriot, La Femme Nikita) as the insightful, but stubborn eponymous investigator.

When Julien and his wife move to Amsterdam, his ex-girlfriend who happens to be the Chief of Police seeks out his help due to his questioning and persistent approach to crime solving. Baptiste becomes heavily embroiled in a case that peels back the layers of atrocity in the trade of sex and drugs and exposes the vile depths of human behaviour. Delving deep into the criminal underworld, he soon uncovers a complex web of deceit and lies. Can he uncover the dark secrets hidden amongst the beautiful streets, canals and houses of the city?

With excitement building already for the welcome return of our favourite detective, alongside a stellar cast including Tom Hollander (The Night Manager, Rev) and Jessica Raine (Patrick Melrose, Call the Midwife), Baptiste is set to become the show everyone is talking about.

'Utterly prepared for any number of twists and'll be irresistibly returning to find out what happens week after week'

Mail on Sunday

'Gripping...Harry and Jack Williams back at the top of their game...Quality'

The Observer