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Release Schedule

30/01/2017 Delicious
08/02/2017 Ealing Music & Film Valentine Festival 2017
20/02/2017 Memories of Underdevelopment
20/03/2017 Anne of Green Gables

juicy new drama Delicious starring Dawn French arrives on DVD 30 January 2017

The inimitable Dawn French returns to our screens alongside Emilia Fox, Iain Glen and Shelia Hancock in Delicious, a bold, brand-new drama from Sky, which makes its DVD debut from RLJ Entertainment's Acorn label on 30 January 2017..

Set against the stunning backdrop of Cornwall, Dawn French stars as Gina, a passionate cook whose exceptional culinary skill played a major part in her ex-husband Leo Vincent's (Iain Glen) huge success as a gourmet chef and hotelier, but he left her for the glamorous Sam (Emilia Fox).

Years later Leo's business continues to thrive and he and Sam are happily married, or are they? Sam has suspicions that Leo is having an affair and confides in Gina, but it soon transpires that Gina is the other woman. As the secrets and scandals are revealed, will all hell break loose?

With love, sex, lies and betrayal Delicious is a compelling four-part drama which arrives on DVD following its run on Sky1.

'A visual's the sure-footed storytelling and strong central performances that has me hooked'

Radio Times

Martin Sheen stars in new feature-length adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, out on DVD & digital 20 March 2017

Timeless children's favourite Anne of Green Gables gets a brand new feature length adaptation starring Martin Sheen, which is set to arrive on DVD courtesy of Second Sight.

Lucy Maud Montgomery's most beloved and enduring book Anne of Green Gables has sold more than 50 million copies and now based on this all-time classic, a heart-warming new film arrives on DVD, digital and on-demand on 20 March 2017. It will also be shown on ITV.

When ageing couple Matthew (Martin Sheen - The Departed) and Marilla Cuthbert (Sara Botsford - The Lizzie Borden Chronicles) offer to take in an orphan boy to help on their farm, they are mistakenly sent chatty, bookish redhead Anne Shirley (Ella Ballentine - Standoff). They reluctantly agree that she can stay and soon the loveable, feisty Anne turns their lives upside down with her mischievous ways, day-dreaming and fearlessness - and her knack for charming everyone she meets.

Follow the adventures of Anne of Green Gables in this wonderful film that will delight the whole family.

Newly restored Cuban masterpiece Memories of Underdevelopment on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK 20 February 2017

Hailed as one of - if not the most - sophisticated films ever to come out of Cuba, Memories of Underdevelopment (Memorias Del Subdesarollo) is visionary Cuban director Tomas Gutierrez Alea's tour de force. Now, thanks to Mr Bongo Films, the film is set to arrive in a stunningly restored version on UK Blu-ray for the first time.

Listed at number fifty-four on Derek Malcolm's 100 Greatest Movies, this cinematic masterpiece has been fully restored using the original camera and sound negative by Cineteca di Bologna with a vintage duplicate provided by the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematograficos. This international initiative to save the film from decay was funded by The George Lucas Family Foundation and the Martin Scorsese-chaired World Cinema Project, founded to provide a resource for those countries lacking archival and technical facilities. Memories of Underdevelopment makes its Blu-ray debut on 20 February 2017.

Memories of Underdevelopment follows Sergio (Sergio Corrieri - Soy Cuba), through his life, following the departure of his wife, parents and friends in the wake of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Alone in a brave new world, Sergio observes the constant threat of foreign invasion, before meeting Elena (Daisy Granados), a young woman he seeks to mould into the image of his ex-wife, but at what cost to himself?

Even though director Tomas Gutierrez Alea was a staunch and devoted supporter of the revolution, Memories of Underdevelopment offers a raw and uncompromising analysis of the newly formed system of government. Through a moving blend of narrative fiction, still photography and rare documentary footage, Alea catalogues the intricacies of the early days of the Castro regime; producing a stirring and enigmatic work that feeds off the culture of the very subject it is studying: Cuba.

One of the early landmark films of post-revolutionary Cuban cinema, Tomas Gutierrez Alea said of his 1968 opus: 'Every day, to build our society, we have to confront the type of people we despise...I hope with my film, to annoy, provoke, and upset all of them.'

'A absolutely tremendous film...a must-see'

The Guardian


Time Out

The Ealing Music & Film Festival returns 8-12 February 2017

The Ealing Music & Film Festival returns in 2017 with a marvellous mix of music and film to entertain and lighten February's dark days. Now in its fifth year our wonderful programme continues to celebrate Ealing's cultural heart and in its aim to support the wealth of creative young artistic talent on our very own doorstep through outreach and scholarships.

The festival is set to take place from 8 - 12 February 2017 in and around central Ealing with events at the University of West London, Church of St Barnabas, The Red Room (formerly The Ealing Club), St Mary's Church and The Collective Old Oak.

There will be an array of outstanding concerts with repertoire ranging across three centuries, from Scarlatti, Haydn and Mozart through Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Mahler to a selection of 20th century film music.

The festival continues its eclectic range of music including The Ealing Club presents The Blues Band's Paul Jones and Dave Kelly singing the blues at Ealing Broadway's iconic Red Room, where the seminal Rolling Stones and other notable 60s bands started their careers.

This year's film programme includes a screening of David Cronenberg's Spider (2002) starring Ralph Fiennes, Gabriel Byrne, Miranda Richardson and Lynn Redgrave, in partnership with Classic Cinema Club Ealing, at Ealing Town Hall and we are thrilled to announce our first guided location walk and film screening of the biographical sports comedy drama Eddie the Eagle (2016), directed by Dexter Fletcher, at the 'Island Triangle', North Acton - the UK's most filmed location.

All this and much more can be enjoyed at The Ealing Music & Film Festival.

For more information and the full programme, visit