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The Renegades are on the rampage in a brand-new all-action revenge thriller, featuring a stellar line-up of British and Hollywood favourites. This highly anticipated feature from Shogun Films will be released in the UK by 101 Films on 30 January 2023, with a UK premiere to be announced soon.

Lee Majors plays Carver, a courageous former green beret and true gentleman, who stands by soldiers old and new and helps them in their hour of need. When struggling veteran Nick Moran (Lock Stock) comes to him for support, he does his best to help. Introducing him to his loyal old special forces comrades Peck (Ian Ogilvy), Woody (Billy Murray) and Harris (Paul Barber), they welcome the new-recruit with open arms, living by their ethos of 'You don't leave a man behind even when the war is over and done with...'.

When Carver is shockingly murdered, the ex-army Renegades band together to protect his daughter Judy (Patsy Kensit) and exact revenge on those responsible... a vicious international drug gang, led by the fearsome Goram (Louis Mandylor). They're ready to dispense their own brand of old-school justice on the mean streets of London.

Aided by the enigmatic Sanchez (Danny Trejo), the veterans must stay one step ahead of determined Scotland Yard Detective Moore (Sothcott) and stop Goram's gang from taking their deadly hold on the city.

The Renegades mean business. Cross them, and they'll do anything it takes wreak vengeance with their inimitable old-school style.

There will be blood, violence and bodies galore in this brutally brilliant action-packed feature.

Tangerine Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set

Sean Baker's Tangerine has been described as a 'Hymn to the spirit of the streets' (Empire) and now the acclaimed, multi-award-winning feature is set for the Limited Edition Blu-ray treatment courtesy of Second Sight Films on 19 December 2022.

Shot on an iPhone and starring outstanding performances from its previously unknown lead stars, Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, this is a hugely entertaining, beautifully shot, funny and original piece of filmmaking that makes for a slick, attention-grabbing alternative Christmas watch.

It's Christmas Eve on the streets of LA. We meet Sin-Dee Rella (Rodriguez) a transgender sex worker who - fresh from a short stint in prison - finds out from her best friend Alexandra (Taylor) that the pimp she's in love with has cheated on her while she was away. The wronged Sin-Dee Rella declares war and sets off on one hell of a mission with Alexandra in tow, with only one thing on their mind, to find the cheat and teach him and his new lover the lesson of a lifetime, on a chaotic not so festive night.

The Tangerine Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set is presented in a rigid slipcase with brand new artwork by Caelin White at FEM-Design, complete with a 60-page book with new essays and comes squeezed full of fascinating and entertaining special features, including a making of, director, writer and actor interviews, audio commentaries and much more, please see full list below.

For an exciting, edgy and electric night to remember Tangerine has got the juice.

All Creatures Great & Small Series 3 & 1 - 3 Box set

THE CHARMING much-loved All Creatures Great & Small returns for its third series of veterinary adventures, romances, and life in the sleepy town of Darrowby, Yorkshire, with its rolling fields and colourful community.

Based on the immensely popular novels and life of veterinary surgeon and writer James Herriot (aka James Alfred Wight OBE), series one enchanted the nation and ranked as Channel 5's number one British drama of all time. Now, the national treasure All Creatures Great & Small< Series 3 inc. the Christmas Special: The Perfect Christmas arrives on DVD, alongside All Creatures Great & Small Series 1 - 3 Box set on 12 December courtesy of Acorn Media International following its run on Channel 5.

Picking up where series two left off, the infamously friendly and familiar faces of Darrowby return for more drama and delights. After being made a joint business partner by Siegfried (Samuel West - Darkest Hour), James pushes to take on more responsibility via the Ministry of Agriculture's new bovine TB testing scheme, but its unexpected challenges risk pushing him to breaking point.

As a potential Second World War looms, the Skeldale family must consider their purpose in Darrowby and beyond. There's also the wedding we've all been waiting for on the horizon, as James (Nicholas Ralph - The Most Reluctant Convert) and Helen (Rachael Shenton - Hollyoaks), get ready to tie the knot.

Series one begins in 1937 as James Herriot, a newly qualified animal surgeon, moves to a small-town in Yorkshire to begin his first job with the irritable but kind veterinarian Siegfried Farnon. Once there, he quickly discovers that treating the animals is as much about looking out for their owners: there are plenty of people and animals to care for, challenges to meet, and life-affirming lessons to learn along the way.

All Creatures Great & Small should treat themselves to a heart-warming trip to Yorkshire with this enchanting series. Everyone will love this soul-soothing, uplifting family favourite, to enjoy this winter and All Creatures Great & Small Series 1 3 Box set would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Plebs: Soldiers of Rome & Complete Collection

When in Rome, de de de... do as the Romans do! Here come the Romans for the final march of the hilarious comedy Plebs, which makes its highly anticipated return on ITV with the feature-length special, Plebs: Soldiers Of Rome, before coming to digital on 9 December and to DVD on 12 December alongside the Plebs Complete Collection DVD Box Set which includes all five series and the special, courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Plebs follows the lives of three hapless young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city... of Rome in 23BC. Penned by Sam Leifer (How Not to Live Your Life) and Tom Basden (After Life) and starring Tom Rosenthal (Friday Night Dinner), Ryan Sampson (Brassic) and Jonathan Pointing (London Kills) alongside a stellar cast and inspired guest stars Including a host of TV favourites: Amanda Holden, Danny Dyer, Maureen Lipman, Simon Callow, Shaun Williamson, Lauren Socha, Tim Key, James Fleet, Michelle Keegan, Miriam Margolyes, Ellie Taylor and David Bamber.

In Plebs: Soldiers Of Rome Marcus, Grumio, Jason and Aurelius join the army in peacetime in the hope of gaining respect, to succeed in their ongoing search for romance, and more importantly, get discounts at participating restaurants. But when war is declared, they're sent into battle on the front line, and to add insult to injury, they're about to fight for a cause they don't believe in. Now their only option is to struggle for survival...

Will our hapless heroes make it out alive as they leave their humdrum lives in Rome to battle as soldiers for the cause?

Join the raucous Romans in their last hurrah as Plebs: Soldiers Of Rome takes us on a wickedly hilarious ride. The finale to the much-loved comedy, along with the complete bumper Box set is guaranteed to entertain with belly laughs a plenty this winter.

Babylon Berlin

The critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning hit German period drama Babylon Berlin returns for its fourth series. Following the roaring twenties, we enter a new decade at a time of organised crime and political extremism. The old militaristic elites have not yet abdicated, while an even more dreadful monster starts flexing its muscles...

The global hit series is a lavish fare that has seen budgets exceed 40 million dollars and has aired in more than 100 territories. Babylon Berlin Series Four is on digital now and set to arrive on DVD 19 December 2022, the Babylon Berlin Complete Series One to Four Box Set DVD is released on 12 December 2022 following its run on Sky.

Babylon Berlin Series Four finds us in 1930s Berlin. The 1920s culminated in the global stock market crash, and the Great Depression and now the Nazis' march to power is in full swing.

Detective Gereon Rath's (Volker Bruch) investigations lead him into the boxing milieu - and politically uncomfortably close to Hitler's militant supporters. His ambitious colleague Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries) risks her job to help her homeless sister, who roams the streets of Berlin with a group of young peers, fighting for survival, all the while continuing an ongoing fight for recognition in the male-dominated police department.

There's a backdrop of dark forces gathering, in an attempt to bring down democracy. But at night, all seems forgotten as the city still dances on the volcano's edge as if there's no tomorrow...

The cast includes a stellar line-up of German talent Benno Furmann, Lars Eidinger, Christian Friedel, Udo Samel, Godehard Giese, Fritzi Haberlandt, Karl Markovics and many more.

Take a trip to Babylon Berlin, a spectacular, thrilling, dark and dangerous detective drama set in a time of political upheaval, monumental change and delightful debauchery.

Doc Martin

It's hello and goodbye to Britain's favourite curmudgeonly medic Doc Martin played by the inimitable Martin Clunes, who recently returned to our screens for the highly anticipated tenth and final series of the immensely popular, long-running hit drama.

Dr. Martin Ellingham (Clunes - Men Behaving Badly, Warren) is back in eight new episodes of the ratings-winning drama in the charming community of the idyllic hamlet of Portwenn in Cornwall. Following its run on ITV, the wonderful final series of this nationally cherished franchise - which has attracted audiences in excess of 10 million - Doc Martin Series 10 is set for its DVD release on 12 December 2022 from Acorn Media International.

Following his resignation at the end of the previous series - after his medical career was scrutinised by the General Medical Council and the revelation that he has a blood phobia - the grouchy GP is beginning to question whether hanging up his doctor's coat was the right decision...

At home, Martin and his wife Louisa (Caroline Catz - DCI Banks, In Fabric) have welcomed a beautiful baby daughter, Mary Elizabeth, a sister for four-year-old James Henry, so there's plenty more for the family to contend with.

As former teacher, Louisa, pursues an exciting new career as a child counsellor in the old surgery, Martin spends his days taking care of their baby and Buddy, the cheeky dog. Can he settle into his new routine as a house husband, or will he face his fears, pick up his stethoscope, and make a bold return to the career - and the local community - that are so close to his heart?

Returning cast includes Dame Eileen Atkins (The Crown, Robin Hood) as Doc Martin's formidable Aunt Ruth, Ian McNeice (Rome, Dune) as Bert Large, with Joe Absolom (Eastenders, Vincent) as his son Al, Jessica Ransom (Horrible Histories, The Armstrong and Miller Show) plays receptionist Morwenna Newcross, Joe Marquez (EastEnders, Britannia) as PC Joe Penhale, and Selina Cadell (The Lady in the Van, Wild Child) as pharmacist Mrs Tishell.

They are joined by a roster of special guest stars: Fay Ripley (Cold Feet, Monday, Monday), David Hayman (The Nest, The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas), Ben Miller (Bridgerton, Paddington 2), Lesley Nicol (Downton Abbey, East is East), Hermione Norris (Spooks, Cold Feet), Kenneth Cranham (Scarborough, Layer Cake) and Rupert Graves (Sherlock, Emma).

Book a much-needed appointment for the final series of Doc Martin and settle in for a dose of laughter and heart-warming storylines - on doctor's orders.

Christmas in the Caribbean

Get ready for a festive escape this December with Christmas in the Caribbean, the new feature from Philippe Martinez. The inimitable Elizabeth Hurley stars as unlucky-in-love theatre critic Rachel Webb - a hopeless romantic who thinks she's met the one - but he turns out to be the wrong one...

Left at the altar, just before Christmas... Rachel holes up at home ready to curl up and give up... but her Mum (Stephanie Beacham), has other ideas and persuades her to round up her besties to turn what should have been her honeymoon, into the holiday of a lifetime.

Landing on a dream island in the Caribbean, Rachel and her two best friends Amanda (Caroline Quentin) and Rebecca (played by Nathalie Cox who also co-wrote the film) get ready to enjoy the delights the island has to offer. The tenacious trio are determined to make this a trip to remember.

When they end up at the fabulous local restaurant, Rachel clicks with owner Alessandro (Edoardo Costa)... could this finally be it? But the course of love never did run smooth, particularly with Alessandro's daughter Monica around... she has other ideas. Will Rachel finally find love with the man of her dreams?

For a festive, fun-filled British rom-com, take Christmas in the Caribbean, it's gonna be hot hot hot!

Mad God

Say your prayers to Mad God - a dazzling, delirious, and dystopian masterpiece directed by two-time Academy Award-winning artist, animator, and filmmaker - the legendary Phil Tippett (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, RoboCop, Starship Troopers).

The most watched Shudder premiere of 2022 - and certified fresh with a 92% rating - this critically-acclaimed and mind-blowing chef-d'oeuvre was 30 years in the making and has earned plaudits around the globe for its creative genius, cinematic originality, and inspired grit.

Having collected five awards, including Winner of 2021 Fantasia Film Festival's Most Ground-breaking Film and Best Animated Feature and the 2021 Sitges Award for Best Visual Effects - this expertly crafted and exquisitely imagined Shudder Exclusive is now set to delight fans with its release on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 5 December 2022, courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Equipped with a gas mask and a crumbling map, the Assassin, an iron-clad humanoid, descends into a rusty, peril-laden underworld of grime, blood, tortured souls, decrepit bunkers and unsettling monstrosities forged from the most primordial horrors of the subconscious mind.

As the stealthy invader meanders through the labyrinthine post-apocalyptic wasteland on a mysterious mission, going deeper and deeper into the nightmarish realm, he eventually reaches his destination... the heart of this grotesque tower of torture. But what awaits him there?

Crafted by the world's pre-eminent stop-motion animator, every set, creature, and effigy in this macabre masterpiece is hand-crafted and painstakingly animated using traditional stop-motion techniques.

The result? A striking, haunting, halogenic, and hellish stop-motion spectacle unlike any other.

Descend into unimaginable depths and get ready to meet your maker, Mad God - a gorgeously gruesome cinematic frenzy that deserves every ounce of praise it receives.

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