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New Releases

Inspector George Gently Series Eight and Complete 1 - 8 Box Set

Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby return for the last ever gripping instalments of the acclaimed, long-running detective series Inspector George Gently. Following their run on BBC One these final episodes arrive on DVD as Inspector George Gently Series 8, alongside the Inspector George Gently Complete Series 1 - 8 courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Based on the classic detective novels by Alan Hunter, the series follows Detective Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw - Judge John Deed), who, after the death of his wife, moves up North to solve one more case, but ends up staying. Partnered by Detective Inspector Bacchus (Lee Ingleby - Line of Duty), they investigate cases in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland and County Durham, in the swinging sixties and beyond. With their prickly relationship, that comes with warmth and humour, the pair are a winning police partnership and are joined by the feisty Detective Sergeant Rachel Coles (Lisa McGrillis - Hebburn).

Forever Pure

Beitar Jerusalem F.C. is the most popular and the most controversial football team in Israel, the only club in the Premier League never to sign an Arab player. When two Muslim players join the team, the club begins to spiral out of control. Now a staggering new feature documentary Forever Pure, from Israeli filmmaker and journalist, Maya Zinshtein follows one season of the football team in crisis, as power, money and politics fuel the club's downfall. This eye-opening film will be available on demand from 7 August 2017, courtesy of Dogwoof.

Electric Dreams Blu-ray

With its memorable sing-a-long hit title track from Phil Oakey and standout soundtrack from Giorgio Moroder, Steve Barron's Electric Dreams is a bona fide, 80s classic and now, thanks to Second Sight, it makes its worldwide Blu-ray debut. Arriving in a brand new restored edition and presented in high definition 1080p, this cult comedy drama is set for its Blu-ray release, complete with a limited edition special slipcase and brand new bonus features, on 24 July 2017.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Marcello Mastroianni (A Special Day) and Sophia Loren (El Cid) show off their natural chemistry to perfection in Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 1964 Academy Award-winner for Best Foreign Film which is set for release on Blu-ray, DVD and digital on 24 July 2017.

This quintessentially Italian classic is comprised of three comedy vignettes that stand as a wry comment on Italian society. In the first, the stars are an impoverished married couple in Naples that, when Loren brushes with the law, find they must keep her permanently pregnant in order for her to avoid prison. In Milan, we observe a bored and wealthy woman having an affair with a writer with whom she dreams of running away, that is until the day he crashes her Rolls Royce...

The climax of the movie features one of the most famous striptease scenes of all time, when a call girl in Rome takes up a vow of abstinence but only after turning the head of a naive young man preparing for the priesthood.

Dreamscape DVD and Blu-ray

Classic 1980s sci-fi adventure Dreamscape starring screen favourites Dennis Quaid (The Day After Tomorrow) and Kate Capshaw (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), makes its UK Blu-ray debut thanks to Second Sight. This action-packed sci-fi thriller is directed by Joseph Ruben (Sleeping with the Enemy) and also stars Max von Sydow (The Exorcist), and Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music). The film arrives in a brand new restored version from a 2K scan, packed with a host of brand new special features. Alongside the Blu-ray, Dreamscape will also be available on DVD, on demand and download on 17 July 2017.

Love on a Branch Line The Complete Series

Classic BBC sitcom, Love on a Branch Line based on John Hadfield's best-selling book, arrives on DVD courtesy of Second Sight. This hugely entertaining, quintessentially British comedy follows the trials and tribulations of respectable, if somewhat boring civil servant Jasper Pye. Desperate for a radical change and some excitement in his life, his chance arises when he is tasked with dismantling an old government research unit in the country. Starring Michael Maloney (Notes on a Scandal), Maria Aitken (A Fish Called Wanda) and inimitable comedy favourite Leslie Phillips, this classic slice of comedy is set for release on DVD, on-demand and download as Love on a Branch Line The Complete Series on 17 July 2017.


Described by the New York Times as "one of fashion's most cerebral designers", Dries Van Noten is an awe-inspiring, enduring fashion designer whose career has spanned more than 25-years and whose creativity is limitless. Now for the first time ever the inspirational Belgian fashion designer has granted a filmmaker unlimited access behind the scenes to follow his creative process and his fulfilling home life in Dries, a new feature length documentary that arrives on DVD and on demand on 17 July 2017 courtesy of Dogwoof.


Four life-long friends sell their start-up and become multi-millionaires overnight, but their troubles have only just begun, in Loaded, the hilarious, timely sitcom from Channel 4 which arrives on DVD on 10 July 2017, thanks to Acorn Media International.

Meet Josh, Leon, Ewan and Watto. They started Idyl Hands Games, the team behind inane app, Cat Factory and they've just sold the company to US investors for a cool 300 million. They might have grown up in each other's pockets, but now those pockets are lined with gold and suddenly their loyalties are being tested and the cracks are beginning to show... On top of that, instead of life getting easier, it's become a whole lot harder as the boys discover that suddenly they have bosses they have to report to, including the ruthless Vice President for Acquisitions, Casey (Mary McCormack - The West Wing), who's permanently on their case.

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