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Mystery Road Series 2 & Series 1&2 Box Set DVD & digital release

Lauded as 'Australia's answer to True Detective' ( for its first gripping series, we return down under for a second trip down Mystery Road.

When a headless corpse is found floating by the shore in a remote outback town, hard-boiled Indigenous detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen - Jack Irish) is brought in to investigate, joined by colleague Fran (Jada Alberts - Cleverman). He must balance law and lore as they contend with protests over the excavation of an Indigenous site...and that's before another body shows up. Could the murders be linked? And can Jay gain the trust of his community without the police losing faith in him?

The Bridge's original Nordic noir star Sofia Helin plays archaeological professor Claire Sims, whose input will be vital if Jay is to solve the case in this small coastal town, where the desert meets the ocean, and secrets from the past and present run dark and deep.

Tasma Walton (Home and Away) returns as Jay's ex-wife Mary, who is still contending with the fallout of the explosive first series and the effects of that case on their family. Jay must balance his domestic troubles while confronting a dangerous enemy in a world where deception is king...will he dig up the truth about Mystery Road?

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