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The Krays: Dead Man Walking

Inspired by true events, a gritty, hard-hitting new feature film The Krays: Dead Man Walking from the team behind Vendetta and We Still Kill the Old Way, tells the shocking, never before told on screen story, of London's most feared and notorious brothers Reggie and Ronnie Kray as they organise Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell's escape from high security Dartmoor Prison.

December 1966: The Kray Twins rule the criminal underworld of London and beyond with an iron fist. Intent on proving their power to Detective Nipper Read (Grantham), they arrange the risky jailbreak of Frank 'The Mad Axeman' Mitchell and must keep him hidden from the authorities, but that's not an easy task when an ultra-violent, unhinged convict is in your care.

The plan soon starts to unravel as The Kray's henchmen Donoghue and Teddy struggle to handle an increasingly unstable Mitchell. They reluctantly call on the help of a corrupt politician, Lord Boothby, and a tough nightclub hostess Lisa Prescott to keep him under control. As Christmas Day approaches, tensions reach boiling point. The Mad Axeman has become a liability and drastic action must be taken.

The Krays: Dead Man Walking is set to premiere on the 9th September followed by its DVD release on the 10th September.

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