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Release Schedule

30/03/2020 George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead and Martin
12/02/2020 Ealing Music & Film Valentine's Festival 2020
10/02/2020 Britannia Series II and I & II Box Set DVD and digital release
27/01/2020 The Trial Of Christine Keeler DVD
06/01/2020 8 Days DVD & digital release
06/01/2020 The House That Dripped Blood Standard Edition Blu-ray
06/01/2020 Asylum Standard Edition Blu-ray
09/12/2019 Plebs Series 5 and 1-5 Box Set DVD and digital release
09/12/2019 The Amazing Mr Blunden Limited Edition Blu-ray release
02/12/2019 Anna and the Apocalypse Blu-ray

'Batshit crazy' Sky Original Britannia Series II and the Series I & II Box Set come to DVD and digital 10 February 2020 from Acorn Media

Ruthless Romans, drugged-up Druids and capricious Celts...welcome to Britannia. Olivier award-winning playwright Jez Butterworth (The Ferryman) pens this rich historical series that blends fact and fantasy to create a fever-dream drama. Recently returning for its second series on Sky Atlantic, Britannia Series II comes to DVD and digital from Acorn Media International on 10 February 2020 alongside a Series I & II Box Set.

43AD, Roman General Aulus Plautius (David Morrissey - The Missing) arrives in Britannia, determined to conquer it where Julius Caesar lost to the Druids 90 years earlier. He leverages rivalries between Celtic tribes led by Queen Antedia (Zoe Wanamaker - Harry Potter), and the aging King Pellenor (Ian McDiarmid - Star Wars).

High Druid Veran (Mackenzie Crook - Detectorists) summons spirits with gruesome rituals to achieve his own ends, while chosen child Cait (Eleanor Worthington-Cox - Gwen) seeks to fulfil a prophecy to oust the Romans with the help of demon-possessed madman Divis (Nikolaj Lie Kaas - The Killing).

Who will rule Britannia?

'So radical it must be revered...a grinning Mardi Gras of gnarled mysticism, gamey dialogue and ultra-gore, with a bubbly sitcom undercurrent'


The Guardian

'Game of Thrones meets the most debauched year you ever had at Glastonbury...has a mad, earthy charm all its own'

Radio Times


Financial Times

Chilling Amicus anthologies Asylum and The House That Dripped Blood arrive on Standard Edition Blu-ray from Second Sight Films 6 January 2020

From Psycho writer Robert Bloch come these two classic Amicus anthology horrors: Asylum directed by Roy Ward Baker (A Night to Remember), and The House that Dripped Blood, from Peter Duffell in his directorial debut. After a Limited Edition Blu-ray release earlier this year, now these star-studded treats arrive on Standard Edition Blu-rays on 6 January 2020 from Second Sight.

Asylum follows Doctor Martin (Robert Powell - The Italian Job, The Thirty Nine Steps) as he arrives for a job interview at a secluded asylum for the incurably insane. He must prove himself by listening to the macabre tales of four inmates to determine which is the former head of the asylum who experienced a breakdown. We join him on the investigation of four hair-raising horrors...

The House that Dripped Blood follows Scotland Yard's Inspector Holloway (John Bennett - Watership Down, The Fifth Element) investigates a mysterious mansion with a ghoulish history and a chilling fate for its occupants in these four tales of terror...

Thrilling German apocalyptic drama 8 Days comes to DVD & digital 6 January 2020 after its run on Sky Atlantic

What would you do if you only had 8 Days left to live? A meteorite is on a collision course with Earth. The chances to survive in Central Europe: Zero.

This colossally ambitious German series explores the answer to this impossible question through the eyes of an ordinary Berlin family living through the last days of mankind as we know it. Airing on Sky Atlantic this winter, the series arrives on DVD and digital early 2020 from Acorn Media International.

Each episode of this eight parter brings us one day closer to annihilation. The impending catastrophe sets in motion the reorganisation of society as we know it, and the world rapidly sinks into a huge, panicky, chaotic party. Suddenly people can break the speed limit at will, have wild unprotected sex, do all the drugs they want, shop with no money, live without working, love with no consequences - but in the end, the only thing that matters is: What is really important to you in your final days and hours?

Prepare for the end of life as you know it in... 8 Days.

'A Walking Dead pall hangs over the survivalist intrigue...complete with unexpected violence and striking apocalyptic imagery'

Sunday Times Culture

'Tense, gripping stuff with a neat allegorical twist'

Times Saturday Review

The Amazing Mr Blunden gets a Limited Edition Blu-ray release from Second Sight on 9 December 2019

Lauded by Mark Kermode as one of his Top 20 Children's Films in The Observer, The Amazing Mr Blunden is set for a brand-new Limited Edition Blu-ray release courtesy of Second Sight in time for Christmas.

Adapted from Antonia Barber's novel The Ghosts by celebrated director Lionel Jeffries (The Railway Children) who also helms this mesmerising family classic, The Amazing Mr Blunden arrives in a stunning collector's edition, with a brand-new scan and restoration and rigid slipcase with new artwork by Rich Davies. It includes Barber's original out-of-print source novel exclusively reproduced for this release, a soft cover book with new essays by new essays by Kevin Lyons and Kim Newman, plus a reversible poster with new and original artwork.

The slew of special features includes audio commentaries and cast interviews, an exclusive new interview with famous fan Mark Gatiss and much more, please find full details below. It will be released on 9 December 2019.

The mysterious but kindly solicitor Mr Blunden visits Mrs Allen and her young children, offering her the position of caretaker at a derelict country mansion. More surprises are in store when the children encounter the ghosts of two former young residents and find themselves transported back in time to help their new friends right a 100-year-old wrong.

'Writer-director Lionel Jeffries works pure screen wonder...his true masterpiece'

Mark Kermode, The Observer

'Like a family friendly Hammer horror...atmospheric, interesting and well-made'