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The Babadook & Lake Mungo Limited Editions

Following the release of The Babadook and Lake Mungo in acclaimed Limited Edition versions in 2021, Second Sight Films now brings these two bona fide horror classics to Standard Edition Blu-ray. The Babadook will also be available as a Standard Edition 4K UHD. All versions will be released on 28 March 2022.

Jennifer Kent's acclaimed, unsettling chiller The Babadook stars Essie Davis (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), as a grief-stricken mother who is desperately trying to bring up her troubled son the best she can, will a new book be the answer to his sleep woes, or is it the beginning of an unimaginable nightmare?

Following the violent death of her husband on the day their son Samuel )Noah Wiseman) was born, Amelia struggles with his erratic behaviour, and is still battling with the never-ending grief. Refusing to celebrate Samuel's birthday as it's inextricably linked to such a traumatic time, life is a struggle and the one person who's always been there for her, her sister's (Hayley McElhinney) patience is wearing thin.

As Samuel's seventh birthday approaches his fears get worse, hes convinced a monster is coming to get them, and he won't settle, no matter how many bedtime stories he's told. When an intriguing storybook appears on the bookshelf, Samuel becomes convinced that the Babadook is the monstrous creature he's always feared and as Amelia senses the ominous presence herself, she slowly begins to unravel.

Seminal Australian horror Lake Mungo from director Joel Anderson was originally released in 2008, and the documentary-style chiller has made far reaching ripples, thrilling horror fans and inspiring budding filmmakers across the globe and establishing itself as a cult classic.

When 16-year-old Alice Palmer tragically drowns while swimming in the local dam, her grieving family start to experience a series of strange, inexplicable events and become increasingly unsettled. Seeking out the help of a parapsychologist, they learn that Alice had been living through extremely troubling, disturbing times and hiding deep, dark secrets. Now they are desperate to know what haunted their daughter and what is happening to them.

Does Lake Mungo hold the terrifying truth?

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The Darker The Lake

The Darker the Lake, a brand-new supernatural thriller with a Nordic noir edge from director Lok Kwan Woo (White Terror, Angels Never Cry), is set to thrill and chill audiences, with its UK premiere in March 2022, courtesy of (Yet) Another Distribution Company and 101 Films.

1987, St. Michael, a group of high school friends discover an ancient board game and start to play. They become consumed by their addictive new pastime. But things turn deadly...the players start to meet a disturbing demise and the survivors vow never to speak of the game again.

Fast forward to 2021 and a spate of strange deaths - in the very same small town - have shaken locals to their core...bearing striking similarities to the events of more than 30 years ago, could the devastating events be linked?

Two detectives - with their own personal links to the area - are brought together to work on the case. When they track down those involved in the original mystery, all those years ago, things start to get complicated...With seemingly mystical forces at play, they are pulled into the dangerous and perplexing world of the game and as the stakes are raised, the danger gets perilously close to home.

With a roll of the dice will the detectives win, or will they pay the ultimate price in The Darker The Lake?

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Rules of the Game

Renowned British actor Maxine Peake gives a powerhouse performance in Rules of the Game, a brand-new, four-part thriller which is set for its DVD and digital release on 14 March 2022 courtesy of Acorn Media International, following its premiere on BBC One.

Partly inspired by the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the subsequent #MeToo movement, Rules of the Game is a relevant and profound exploration of sexual politics in the modern workplace, penned by Ruth Fowler (Fairies Baseball) and from BAFTA-winning production company The Forge (National Treasure, Roadkill).

Sam (Peake - The Theory of Everything, Shameless, Silk) is a strong-willed manager at a family-run business in the North-West of England. It's business as usual - until she arrives in the office one day to find a dead body and is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths and murderous secrets, both past and present...

Her colleague Maya (Rakhee Thakrar - Sex Education, Four Weddings And A Funeral) the new HR director is intent on shaking up the outdated and toxic lad-culture and begins to look into historic cases of misconduct...but is faced with resistance from members of the team.

Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey, Life) plays Anita, a board member and hardened widower of the company's narcissistic founder, and Susan Wokoma (Enola Holmes, Truth Seekers) is DI Eve Preston, a thick-skinned, no-nonsense detective investigating a case linked to the company.

As the determined protagonists contend with institutional prejudices, one thing is clear: now is the time to change the Rules of the Game.

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The Incarnation

Hollywood stalwart Michel Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight) stars alongside Taye Diggs (Empire, Chicago) and Jessica Uberuaga (Take Back, Vigilante Diaries) in The Incarnation, a wickedly dark, twisted tale of greed and evil.

This devilish horror based on the legendary demon Mammon from Isaac Walsh in his directorial debut, gets its UK premiere on DVD and digital this March courtesy of 101 Films.

Struggling young couple Brad (Taye Diggs) and Jess (Jessica Uberuaga) move to LA In search of a better life. When they stumble across the perfect property, they seize it with both hands, and their luck begins to change... but is it too good to be true?

With their fortunes taking a miraculous turn, their thirst for success and riches cannot be quenched...but they soon learn that greed comes at a hefty price.

It becomes increasingly apparent that behind the seemingly luxurious walls lurks something deadly... An ancient evil that will stop at nothing to get what it wants...

And the American dream descends into an unimaginable nightmare.

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Hidden Assets

Discover exhilarating international crime-thriller Hidden Assets currently keeping viewers gripped with its BBC Four transmission. This gritty Irish noir starring Angeline Ball (Shameless, Keeping Faith) as Detective Emer Berry is set to receive its DVD and digital release from Acorn Media International on 7 March 2022.

We first met Detective Emer Berry (Angeline Ball) in tantalising crime-drama Acceptable Risk, leading a ruthless investigation into a deadly - and deceiving - murder case in Dublin. Years on, this maverick detective still has Hidden Assets - she's tenacious and tougher than ever.

When a raid of an Irish drug dealer's home upends a bag of rough diamonds supplied by a seemingly untraceable source, it quickly becomes clear that Berry has a high stakes case on her hands...

As the diamonds are linked to a series of bombings in Belgium, no-nonsense Berry must join forces with gum-chewing Police Commissioner Christian De Jong (Wouter Hendrickx - The Misfortunates, De Infiltrant) to crack the case. A diamond haul in Limerick, a dead body in Antwerp, and a terrorist bombing campaign, the detective duo has their work cut out.

Working tirelessly, the unlikely pair unravel a web of political corruption spearheaded by a dangerously wealthy Irish dynasty. Drawn into a battle of wits - Berry and De Jong find themselves in a desperate race against time to stop another terrorist attack. Can they crack the case before it's too late?

This fast-paced thriller promises to grip until its very end - delve into Hidden Assets to discover a hidden gem.

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Take a trip to The Paradise, a thrilling Finnish/Spanish crime-drama that brings darkness to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. In Fuengirola, a tiny corner of Malaga, Spain, you'll find a tight-knit Finnish community enjoying their idyllic paradise. That is until two horrific murders turn their sunny world upside down. Veteran detective Hikka Mäntymäki (Riitta Havukainen, Fakta Homma) is brought in from Oulu, Finland to help the Spanish police on a case... one that will soon claim more victims in an ever twisting and evolving brutal series of crimes. But as Hikka soon discovers, escaping the cold and the dark is much easier than leaving your own past behind.



Based on Giles Blunt's best-selling books, this acclaimed Canadian-noir detective drama, set in the small Northern town of Algonquin Bay follows detectives John Cardinal (Billy Campbell, The Killing) and Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse, Revenge) as they investigate dark and deadly crimes. Series two finds the calm of the Algonquin Bay summer shattered when a woman is found with a bullet in her head' she's still alive but has no memory of who she is. As Cardinal and Delorme investigate the gripping case, they uncover a possible suspect, but when he also turns up dead, the victim of a brutal ritualistic murder, they soon realise they may be seeking something - and someone - far more twisted and dangerous than they imagined.



Two wonderful period dramas adapted from Rosamunde Pilcher's renowned novels and featuring an amazing all-star line-up make for an entertaining miniseries double bill.

Coming Home tells the story of two young girls growing up in the charmed environment of a beautiful English country house, whose lives are suddenly and irrevocably transformed by the advent of the Second World War. The stellar cast includes a host of acting greats include Joanna Lumley(Absolutely Fabulous, The Wolf of Wall Street) Peter O'Toole (Troy, Lawrence of Arabia), Paul Bettany (A Beautiful Mind, WandaVision), Emily Mortimer (Mary Poppins Returns, the Pursuit of Love) Penelope Keith (The Good Life, To the Manor Born) and Keira Knightley (Atonement, Pride and Prejudice) making this a must-watch drama.

Nancherrow is the sumptuous sequel that continues the epic tale of the Carey-Lewis Clan as they head into the new-found peace of the late 1940s early 1950s. We follow Loveday Carey-Lewis (Katie Ryder-Richardson, Doctors, Coming Home), who when her Colonel Father dies, her mother Dianne (Joanna Lumley), insists they can't afford the house, but she fights to keep it in the family. Also starring Donald Sinden (The Day of the Jackal, Two's Company) and Susan Hampshire (The Forsyte Saga, Monarch of the Glen).



Our favourite award-winning French detective drama returns for a fourth gripping series, which is fraught with danger for Inspector Renoir (Cécile Bois, Gloria, Germinal). When Candice is called to testify in a criminal trial, her investigative methods are ridiculed and to add to her troubles, her invaluable deputy inspector, Antoine Dumas (Raphaël Lenglet, Elle, High Lane) has left to join a more prestigious police unit. And there's worse to come when a new case takes her back home to northern France, where she finds out that her own mother is embroiled in a string of murders.

Candice's personal life is also proving a challenge as she questions her relationship with David Canovas (Stéphane Blancafort, Secrets), the charming commander of the Anti-Gang Brigade. And could there be someone new on the horizon?



Cardinal returns to work after compassionate leave following a devastating loss and must tackle a grisly double murder of a couple who were in town for the annual Sportsman's Show. The investigation finds Cardinal and Delorme in pursuit of their most dangerous adversaries yet, an ex-soldier Sharlene Winston and her 'family' of damaged street kids - a family she's brain-washed into believing that the world is on the verge of collapse.

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Damian Mc Carthy makes his dramatic directorial debut with the 'impressive and often terrifying' (The Guardian) Caveat, a Shudder Exclusive set for its UK Blu-ray debut from Acorn Media International on 28 February 2022. It will also be available on DVD and digital.

Amnesiac drifter Isaac (Jonathan French - A Soldier's Voice, The Anniversary) struggles to recall his recent past after a traumatic event, but shifty 'friend' Barret (Ben Caplan - Murder on the Orient Express, Ghostbusters) offers to help him back on his feet with a profitable babysitting job. All he has to do is look after his adult niece (Leila Sykes - Missing Something, Lancaster Skies).

But there is a Caveat: The isolated house is plagued by a gruesome past which has left Olga psychologically disturbed, and Isaac must wear a leather harness and chain restricting his movement to certain rooms.

Once in the harness and left alone with Olga, a terrifying game of cat and mouse ensues, and Isaac must fight for survival amid the unsettling resurgence of his own memories. Can Isaac piece the fragments together before it's too late?

A Caveat for viewers: there's deeply unsettling forces at work in this eerie and evocative nightmare-fuelled feature.

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Acceptable Risk

With brand-new drama Hidden Assets, starring Angeline Ball (Shameless, Keeping Faith) as Detective Emer Berry, currently making waves on the BBC, it's time to discover the tantalising six-part drama where we first meet the tenacious detective, Acceptable Risk, coming to DVD and digital from Acorn Media International on 28 February 2022.

Packed full of intrigue, Acceptable Risk is a thrilling Irish-noir crime-drama that sees Emer Byrne (her maiden name), tackle a deadly murder case in Dublin and promises to grip mystery lovers from the offset.

When Sarah Manning's (Elaine Cassidy - No Offence) husband, Lee, is murdered while on business in Montreal, her busy high-end life in Dublin quickly tailspins. Fond memories give way to alarming questions and Sarah soon realises that she knows little about her husband's past, or his job at a powerful international pharmaceutical company...

Detective Emer Byrne (Angeline Ball) is brought in to uncover the truth, and as she ruthlessly investigates, she soon upends a web of devastation, deception and lies. As danger mounts, Sarah begins to suspect that Lee's murder is connected to the death of her first husband. Did both men know a terrible secret that got them killed?

Also starring Morten Suurballe (The Killing) and Lisa Dwyer Hogg (The Fall), this swiftly moving international thriller follows Sarah's high stakes fight for the truth amidst a conspiracy of corporate, police, and political interests.

Where, exactly, will Sarah's quest for truth lead, and is it an Acceptable Risk she should take?

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