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Julia Ormond (Legends Of The Fall, Sabrina, The Walking Dead: World Beyond) gives a powerhouse performance in haunting psychological thriller Reunion from award-winning director Jake Mahaffy (Free In Deed, Wellness). After wowing horror festival audiences and drawing comparisons to family-based horrors such as Hereditary, Relic and The Babadook, the film is set for its UK premiere on digital from 101 Films this March.

When a heavily pregnant woman returns home to give birth in the bosom of her family, after years away, she discovers that families can be a nightmare, as she uncovers dark secrets from her troubled childhood.

Ormond plays matriarch Ivy, who enjoys a strange, detached relationship with adult daughter and mum-to-be Ellie (Emma Draper - Daffodils, This Town). After a long time apart, the pair are thrown together when Ellie arrives at her recently deceased grandparents' family home, ahead of the birth, to help Ivy with the clearance. Ellie's wheelchair-bound dad Jack (John Bach - The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers and The Return Of The King) is also rattling the walls in the creepy old house.

Once home, the relationship between mother and daughter becomes further strained and Ellie starts to experience strange occurrences and disturbing dreams about her long-dead sister Cara.

As her life becomes increasingly fraught, Ellie must face her demons and the horrific truth about her past.

A family reunion can be hell...

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A couple expecting their first child head to a remote Norwegian village after a death in the family only to find themselves caught up in a deadly cult in Sacrifice, a twisted Scandi-folk horror tale.

FrightFest favourite Barbara Crampton (From Beyond, Re-Animator) makes a welcome return to our screens in this dark terror-filled flick that's set for its UK premiere this March thanks to 101 Films and it's a fright for sore eyes.

This thrillingly gut-churning folk horror from Andy Collier and Tor Mian, arrives on digital on 15 March 2021. It follows fish-out-of-water Americans who head to their ancestral homelands near the arctic circle and are soon out of their depth.

After his mother dies New Yorker Isaac (Ludovic Hughes - Murder Maps, Ride) and pregnant wife (Sophie Stevens - The Haunted, The Black Prince) journey back to the remote Norwegian village of his birth to get the family affairs in order.

The frosty welcome the couple receive from locals when they arrive soon warms as villagers learn their family name and are soon taken under the wing of policewoman (Crampton), but is she everything she seems?

The pair soon discover dark secrets from Isaac's past and things become increasingly strange as Emma's nightmares become all too real. A sinister cult that worships a sea-dwelling deity turns its followers' attentions to the couple. Is it by chance or is it fate? And will they make the ultimate sacrifice?

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An Impossible Project

In the world we live in, sometimes a digital download or an image on a screen just isn't enough - we're missing physical connection. We need to hold and feel to connect, awaken our senses and evoke our emotions.

Digital has taken over our lives, from the constant buzz of phone notifications to social-media stories that disappear forever and millions of photos stored on our devices rather than taking pride of place on the mantelpiece. We have apps for everything, from fitness to baking and even for sleeping. We're reading e-books, streaming, sharing, posting - this is our reality. It's time for a reset.

An inspiring new feature documentary AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT that celebrates all things analogue is an antidote to digital. This warm and witty celebration of a counter-revolution - the come-back of analogue - is set for its UK premiere from Bohemia Media on 15 March 2021. The film - shot on 35mm and with an amazing live orchestra score - will premiere on YourScreen and digital platforms and (subject to Covid restrictions) in cinemas at a later date.

The film follows modern-day Don Quixote, Florian "Doc" Kaps, an eccentric, enigmatic Viennese biologist who risks his career and entire fortune to take on AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT to save the world's last Polaroid factory. A courageous, against-the-odds mission to break free from the seemingly unstoppable advance of technology, the story of this self-proclaimed 'Patron Saint of all things analogue' is told in this thought-provoking film from director/producer Jens Meurer (Public Enemy, Russian Ark, Carlos).

In an ode to physical formats, the film charts Doc's drive to keeping analogue alive. His obsession and passion takes him on a journey across the globe where he encounters like-minded souls who share his passion for the tangible, from photography to vinyl. Along the way Doc meets others analogue superheroes: there's Moleskine founder Maria Sebregondi, a direct-to-vinyl recording session in Vienna with American Idol singer Hayley Reinhart, and a fateful trip to the Sudbahnhotel, a 1902 Grand Hotel in the Alps, an all-analogue wonder that has stood empty but fully functional for 43 years and that's set for a revival... and a there's surprise twist in the tale.

AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT is an affecting and entertaining film that offers a deep, satisfying breath of haptic fresh air in these increasingly unreal times. Shot on 35mm and featuring a soundtrack recorded direct to vinyl by a 40-piece jazz orchestra, this intriguing documentary provides nostalgia, wit and warmth from start to finish, as we follow the wonderful underdog story of a charming visionary who has never given up on making the impossible possible. It inspires us to choose our own 'impossible'.

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Marcella Series 3 and Complete Series 1-3 Box Set

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED, EMMY award-winning star Anna Friel returns to our screens as the deeply troubled detective, Marcella, for the highly anticipated third series of the darker than dark, gripping drama. Following its UK premiere on ITV Marcella Series Three arrives on DVD alongside Marcella Complete 1 - 3 DVD Box Set on 15 March 2021, courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Co-created and written by writer-director of The Bridge and Scandi-noir legend Hans Rosenfeldt, the first two acclaimed series follow reckless detective Marcella Backland (Friel - Deep Water, Pushing Daisies) as she unrelentingly solves horrific crimes in London while struggling to balance her family life and debilitating mental health issues.

Series Three takes a dramatic new turn as Marcella goes deep undercover in Belfast and adopts a whole new identity alongside a snappy new haircut. But don't be fooled - Marcella may have gone blonde, but the series is as dark as ever...

Under orders from new boss Frank Young (Hugo Speer - London Kills, Britannia) to infiltrate an infamous crime family headed by steely matriarch Katherine McGuire (Amanda Burton - White House Farm, Silent Witness), Marcella must put the past behind her and embrace her new identity...but will her old life catch up with her? Old boss DI Rav Sangha (Ray Panthaki - Gangs of London, Eastenders) certainly won't give up on her without a fight.

Interweaving storylines follow Marcella's quest for the truth and lead the audience into the depths of the Irish criminal underworld...and into her damaged psyche. As the past closes in, can Marcella run forever, or will she finally confront her demons for a chance at redemption?

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Last Moment Of Clarity

A man on the run from a vicious gang of killers breaks cover when he becomes convinced his lover - who they murdered - is still alive...Was it a moment of clarity, or will it be the last thing he does? Get ready for Metalwork Pictures' Last Moment Of Clarity, a Neo-noir thriller which makes its UK debut from 101 Films and (Yet) Another Distribution Company on 8 March 2021.

This psychological thriller where not everything is as it seems and a wrong turn can be deadly, has echoes of Hitchcock's masterworks such as Vertigo and Rear Window and features an all-star line up including Golden Globe winner and Succession favourite Brian Cox, Samara Weaving star of Netflix hit Ryan Murphy's Hollywood, Fury's Zach Avery and Bacurau star Udo Kier.

Gambling addict Sam Pivnic (Avery) goes into hiding in Paris after falling foul of the Bulgarian mob in an incident that saw his beautiful fiancee killed in a major gas explosion. Three years later and a chance encounter leads him to believe she may be alive - but with a new identity and a fledgling acting career in Hollywood. Sam heads to LA to find out what really happened...But he risks running into the gangsters still after him. Can he uncover the truth or will they succeed in bumping him off?

This gripping thriller from Metalwork Pictures is the feature length debut of writing and directing duo James and Colin Krisel and was produced by Andrew Levitas and Stephen Israel.

Come out of hiding for a Last Moment Of Clarity, a thrilling Hitchcockian adventure.

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NOS4A2 Series 1 & 2 & Complete Box Set

STAR TREK'S Zachary Quinto stars as the evil Charlie Manx in NOS4A2, a different kind of vampire story based on the New York Times best-selling novel of the same name by Joe Hill, acclaimed novelist and son of horror maestro Stephen King.

This grippingly dark series follows a woman determined to track down a string of missing children whose disappearance may be more sinister than anyone would believe and is set to arrive on DVD NOS4A2 Season 1 & 2 Complete DVD Box Set comprising of 20 episodes on four discs and on digital 8 March 2021, courtesy of Acorn Media International.

Victoria "Vic" McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings - Tomorrow When the War Began, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries), is a young working-class artist, who, fed up with her parents (Virginia Kull - Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach - Girls, The Punisher) fighting, jumps on her motorbike to get away. Soon she discovers that she has an uncanny ability to find lost things...

This power puts her on a dangerous collision course with the seemingly immortal, sinister, seductive Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto - American Horror Story, Heroes). Manx lures children, feeds off their souls, then deposits what remains of them into Christmasland-a twisted Christmas Village of Manx's imagination where every day is Christmas Day and unhappiness is against the law.

Alongside bubbly, purple-haired librarian Maggie Leigh (Jahkara Smith - Into the Dark) who has a Scrabble bag portal to the universe, Vic must strive to defeat Manx and henchman Bing Partridge (Olafur Darri Olafsson - True Detective, The Missing), and rescue the missing children - all without losing her mind or falling victim herself...

Riddled with references to Joe Hill's other renowned works, including Locke and Key, now also a hit series, alongside nods to his famous father's masterpieces, NOS4A2 is a true treat for horror connoisseurs.

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Acorn TV March 2021 Highlights


The original Welsh Noir and ratings winner follows tenacious lawyer, wife and mother Faith Howells (Eve Myles, Broadchurch, Torchwood), who must deal with the sudden, mysterious disappearance of her husband Evan (Bradley Freegard, Under Milk Wood). Series Two returns 18 months after Faith's life was turned upside and she is drawn into a new mystery, a murder case that sees farmer (Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Peaky Blinders), accused of murdering her husband in cold blood. she must also contend with the fall out of previous events.


It's cops versus robbers as acting legends Bryan Brown (Gorillas in The Mist) and Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) team up to play retired criminal Lennie Cahill (Brown) and retired cop Ted McCabe (Neill). The unlikely pair join forces to try and crack a slew of mysteries, but could they be connected to a heist-gone-wrong that happened 12 years earlier, that left both men physically and emotionally scarred? This action-packed eight-part series has the perfect combination of dramatic tension and sidesplitting humour, as this odd couple pay homage to the good old days.


When five Australians on a sailing holiday come across a fishing boat full of desperate asylum seekers, they stop to help. They tow the boat and its passengers through the night, but later discover it's mysteriously disappeared. Years later, one of the Australians, Ryan (Ewen Leslie, The Luminaries), gets into a taxi driven by Ismail, one the refugees. Overjoyed to learn they reached Australia, he invites Ismail and his family to a barbeque. It's there Ryan and the others learn the real truth - someone cut the rope leaving the boat to sink and seven people to lose their lives, including Ismail's nine-year-old daughter. As suspicions are raised and fingers pointed, will they find out what happened that night and was it really a coincidence that Ryan saw Ismail again?


Hollywood star Elizabeth Debicki (The Night Manager, Guardians of the Galaxy) takes the lead as a woman with a mysterious past. Set on the isolated island of Tasmania, this tense, gripping thriller follows one woman's journey to find the truth about her past. In 2000, a young Anna and her friend Gillian saw strange lights in the forest, but after going to investigate, only one of them returned. Years later an unwelcome Anna, now a successful doctor Anna (Debicki) returns to Kettering and is drawn back into the past. 15 years later the lights return and another disappearance sees the community ask is history repeating itself and what really was The Kettering Incident?

29 Mar: THE SLAP

Featuring an A-list line-up, this American adaptation of the hit Australian series based on Christos Tsiolkas's 2008 novel The Slap stars Brian Cox (Succession) Melissa George (Mulholland Drive), Thandie Newton (Line of Duty), Zachary Quinto (NOS4A2) Peter Sarsgaard (Boys Don't Cry) and Uma Thurman (Kill Bill). When Aisha and Hector host a birthday party in their garden to celebrate his 40th birthday, things go horribly wrong as Hector (Peter Sarsgaard) wrestles with his attraction to the teenage babysitter (Makenzie Leigh), and his cousin slaps a child who is not his own. The party ends abruptly with the child's parents threatening legal action, and a chain of events is ignited that will uncover secrets, challenge core values, and leave the party guests and hosts forever changed.

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Screen favourite Wendi McLendon-Covey, star of Bridesmaids and long-suffering smothering mom Beverly in hit 80s nostalgia sitcom The Goldbergs, takes on a far more serious and hard-hitting role as a desperate housewife whose life spirals out of control in Sundance 2019 hit drama BLUSH from [the Independent Spirit] award-winning writer-director Debra Eisenstadt (Daydream Believer).

In an acclaimed, powerhouse performance, McLendon-Covey swaps the comedy pratfalls and overbearing mother role for which she's famous to look at the flip-side of suburban life as the American dream turns into the American nightmare.

Behind the white picket fences, there are affairs, troubled teens, prescription drug use, and on the surface suburban housewife Cathy (McLendon-Covey - Reno 911, What Men Want) - has it all - a lovely home, a teenage daughter, a husband and a worthy job...But behind the facade her seemingly content life is crumbling and, after agreeing to cat-sit for her sister, she meets a free-wheeling mum and so begins an increasingly fraught journey through a mid-life crisis. Before she knows it, Cathy has become embroiled in another family's imperfect lives just as she needs to sort her own.

After her encounter with Gemma Jean (Christine Woods - The Walking Dead), Cathy finds another family more messed up than her own, with an estranged husband to flirt with and a teenage son who is becoming increasingly obsessed with her. Can Cathy resolve her own problems and those of the broken souls around her?

Eisenstadt's powerful drama investigates the seedy underbelly of the American dream in the 21st century to try and discover the happiness that eludes those pursuing it.

The film is produced by Peter Wong and Timur Bekbosunov for ACE Pictures Entertainment, Debra Eisenstadt and Cosmos Kiindarius.

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