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The Last Son

Brand-new bloody and brutal western THE LAST SON sees Sam Worthington as an outlaw hellbent on ending his evil family line. This fierce feature has a stellar all-star cast including Colson Baker aka musician Machine Gun Kelly, Thomas Jane and Heather Graham and makes its UK debut this August from 101 Films.

Directed by Tim Sutton () this no-holds barred, action-filled, shoot-em-up, slice-em-up, wild western takes us to a lawless, depraved America in 1888.

It's the bleakest of winters and LeMay (Worthington) arrives on horseback in the Sierra Nevada foothills, armed to the hilt for his mission... to kill the last of his children, two heirs he fathered with prostitutes and relinquished responsibility for.

He believes evil is hereditary and in a strange, inexplicable act of social conscience, has taken it upon himself to wipe his wicked family line from the earth. But it's not long before LeMay discovers he has a third child, a twin, Cal (Baker) who is a terrifying manifestation of his fears...

True to form, Cal is rampaging with his band of no-good, gun-toting sidekicks. Having brutally massacred his old commanding officer and robbed a bank with a stolen gun worth a small fortune, Cal is on the run and headed for more trouble. His first stop is his mother (Graham), who he's determined make rethink her profession, whatever it takes... and then there's the matter of his dangerous Dad on his tail...

Does the bloodline end here or will darkness prevail in The Last Son?

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Darby and Joan

Monday 8 August - Darby and Joan Series 1

World Premiere

Acorn TV Exclusive Greta Scacchi (The Player, Emma) and Emmy-nominated actor Bryan Brown (Cocktail, Breaker Morant) star in the lively original Australian road trip drama Darby and Joan, which gets its world premiere on Monday, August 8 on Acorn TV.

Two episodes will premiere weekly on Mondays through August 29.

Retired Australian homicide detective Jack Darby (Brown) has taken to the open road with his dog Diesel to flee his past, while recently widowed English nurse Joan Kirkhope (Scacchi) is on a reluctant pilgrimage to find answers about her husband's mysterious death. They couldn't be more different: the low key, ruggedly charming Aussie, and the tightly-wound, yet warm, witty and determined Englishwoman, but when they collide in the Australian outback, and become drawn into a series of unexpected mysteries, this unlikely investigative duo soon realise the most intriguing puzzle they face is each other.

Exploring the world of the real-life phenomenon of 'grey nomads' - retirees who leave behind their comfortable homes to set out for adventure on the endless roads of Australia - Darby and Joan shines a light on fascinating and often unseen areas of the continent from isolated, sweeping coastlines to lush hinterland to small communities in the Outback, and a myriad of fascinating characters moving through a world where everyone seems to be searching for something - or trying to escape it. Danger and secrets lurk for those who bother to look. The series asks: can you find yourself in the middle of nowhere?

Monday, 8th August

Darby and Joan Series 1 Episodes 1 and 2 (World Premiere, Acorn Original, Streaming Exclusive)

Episode 1: A shock collision forces Jack and Joan to travel together as her search for answers brings them to a beachside paradise. But all is not as it seems when they realise an accidental drowning was, in fact, murder. Episode 2: Jack takes a detour to help an old mate recover some stolen guns where he and Joan learn there's more to the robbery than it first appeared...and Joan begins to suspect that there is more to Jack than he's letting on.

Monday 15th August 2022

Darby and Joan Episodes 3 and 4 (World Premiere, Acorn Original, Streaming Exclusive)

Episode 3: Joan is desperate to get some space from Jack, overwhelmed by new details about her late husband's past, and spooked by their growing connection, but finds herself alone and in danger when thieves target her motorhome.

Episode 4: Preparations for Joan's first Australian Christmas are put on hold after a SCUBA dive goes horribly wrong, and Joan and Jack discover the near drowning was really a case of sabotage.

Monday 22nd August 2022

Darby and Joan Episodes 5 and 6(World Premiere, Acorn Original, Streaming Exclusive)

Episode 5: Jack and Joan are forced to share a hotel room in a small-town pub on New Year's Eve. When a blaze breaks out after midnight, Jack and Joan are determined to discover who is really behind the blaze.

Episode 6: Jack must face his past mistakes when he's asked to help a young woman, a professional athlete, navigate a sports doping scandal.

Monday 29th August 2022

Darby and Joan Episodes 7 and 8 (World Premiere, Acorn Original, Streaming Exclusive)

(Complete Box set available and special features)

Episode 7: Jack and Joan's search for a missing boy is complicated by the shock arrival of Joan's daughter Rebecca.

Episode 8: The finale sees the return of a familiar figure from her travels, which enables Joan to piece together the truth about her husband, while an ominous threat from Jack's policing days emerges.

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Walkabout: Standard Edition

Following its successful Limited Edition release, the seminal classic and one of the first Australian New Wave films, Walkabout, from legendary director Nicolas Roeg (The Man Who Fell to Earth, Don't Look Now), gets a Standard Edition Blu-ray release from Second Sight Films.

This coming-of-age story of survival, transcends cultural differences and stars lauded actor Jenny Agutter (Call the Midwife). This internationally renowned, cult favourite is loved by the audiences and critics alike, and now Second Sight Films present Walkabout Standard Edition Blu-ray available on 8 August 2022.

Following the suicide of their father, Mary (Agutter) and her younger brother Peter (Luc Roeg) are left stranded in the blistering heat of the vast Australian outback. Facing exhaustion and starvation, their salvation comes when they cross paths with an Aboriginal boy (David Gulpilil - The Leftovers, Cargo) on 'walkabout', a ritual in which he must leave his home and learn to survive off the land. He teaches them how to survive in the wilderness, but a clash of cultures leads to terrible and tragic consequences...

The film comes with a host of special features, including a new audio commentary with child star Luc Roeg, now an established producer on projects like We Need to Talk about Kevin, and writer and film critic David Thomson. Also included are new interviews with Luc Roeg, Jenny Agutter and producer Si Litvinoff (Clockwork Orange, The Man Who Fell to Earth).

There's also a great interview with renowned director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later), who recounts his love of Nicolas Roeg and his films, while the late Roeg himself speaks in an archive introduction, and a 2011 BFI Q&A alongside his son and Agutter.

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Good Grief Season Two

You'll be dying with laughter as Season 2 of the irreverent Kiwi comedy Good Grief makes its UK premiere on Thursday, August 4 as a complete series release on Sundance Now via Amazon Prime Video Channels. The complete 1 and 2 season box set will be available to view.

Co-created, co0written and starring sisters Eve and Grace Palmer along with co-creator/co-writer Nick Schaedel, the six-episode comedy series is set in a small New Zealand town and follows two millennial sisters with very different personalities who inherit a funeral home from their grandfather.

Cleverly observed and brilliantly wry, this fish-out-of-water comedy series might just be the funniest show to come out of the country since Flight of the Conchords, channelling Six Feet Under themes with Stath Lets Flats and This Country humour.

After inheriting the Loving Tributes funeral home in Season 1, Ellie (Eve Palmer, Jawbone) and Gwen Goode (Grace Palmer, Adrift) have set off on very different paths. Ellie embraces her inner 'girlboss', with all the ill-fitting pantsuits, amateur TV ads, and plumber liaisons that entails. Meanwhile, Gwen spends five months DJing in Bali and reappears unexpectedly in New Zealand to discover their mother has a new boyfriend and she's been kicked out of the family home. Gwen moves in with Ellie, takes up the job of social marketing for Loving Tributes, and embarks on a childish prank war against their mother's new partner. As family tensions escalate at work and at home, Ellie must decide whether to intervene, or let Gwen grow up all by herself.

The series deftly blends tragedy and comedy and features stand-out performances from a stellar case including Vinnie Bennett (Fast & Furious 9), Josh Thomson (The New Legends of Monkey), Sophie Hambleton (Westside), Lucy Wigmore (Shortland Street) and Bree Peters (Sweet Tooth).

Good Grief, Season 2 is directed by Kiel McNaughton(The Legend of Baron To'a, My Life is Murder), produced by Angela Cudd (I Am Waru) and Kerry Warkia (Vai, Waru).

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Acorn TV August Highlights

Monday 8 August - Darby and Joan Series 1

World Premiere

Acorn TV Exclusive Greta Scacchi (The Player, Emma) and Emmy-nominated actor Bryan Brown (Cocktail, Breaker Morant) star in the lively original Australian road trip drama Darby and Joan, which gets its world premiere on Monday, August 8 on Acorn TV.

Two episodes will premiere weekly on Mondays through August 29.

Monday 8 August Series One - The Missing Series 1

Monday 29 August - The Missing Series 2

The internationally acclaimed hit TV drama The Missing from Harry and Jack Williams (Liar), that had everyone talking now arrives on Acorn TV with series 1 and 2, both featuring Tcheky Karyo as the inimitable favourite French detective Julien Baptiste.

Both series featured stand-out turns from a stellar all-star cast including James Nesbitt, Frances O'Connor, Jason Flemying, Keeley Hawes and David Morrissey and now this acclaimed, hit BBC drama comes to Acorn TV.

Series 1 sees Tony (Nesbitt, Cold Feet, Jekyll) and Emily Hughes' (O’Connor, Mansfield Park, AI) holiday turn into a nightmare when their five-year-old son Oliver disappears during a crowded evening celebration, in Northern France. Julien Baptiste (Karyo, GoldenEye, Bad Boy) is called to investigate and starts to unravel a web of deceit.

Series 2 follows Sam (Morrissey, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead) and Gemma (Hawes, Line of Duty, Bodyguard), whose daughter Alice disappeared in 2003. In 2014, a young British woman stumbles through the streets of her German hometown and collapses. Her name is Alice Webster (Abigail Hardingham), and she has been missing for 11 years. Alice's return sends shockwaves through the small community. Baptiste (Karyo) returns to investigate

Monday 15 August - Close to the Enemy

Intelligence officer Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess, Across the Universe) must convince a captured German scientist (August Diehl, Inglourious Basterds) to develop a jet engine for the British government at the dawn of the Cold War in Stephen Poliakoff's engrossing drama featuring Angela Bassett, Alfie Allen, and Alfred Molina in its all-star cast.

Monday 22 August - Deceit

In 1992 a young woman, Rachel Nickell, was tragically murdered on Wimbledon Common, while out walking with her two-year-old son. A passer-by found the distressed little boy clinging to his mother and many lives were destroyed... not only by the brutal killing, but by the subsequent media frenzy that led to one of the most controversial and catastrophic police investigations of its time.

This acclaimed four-part, true-crime drama starring Niamh Algar, Eddie Marsan and Sion Daniel Young looks at the fallout from the shocking killing of the vivacious 23-year-old at the start of her adult life, and the ensuing investigation.

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Witness Number Three

Bear witness to a brand-new, gritty, enthralling thriller Witness Number Three that sees Nina Toussaint-White (Bodyguard, EastEnders) give a stand-out performance in the lead. This must-see four-part series oozes with paranoia and menace and is set to arrive on DVD and digital on 25 July 2022 from Acorn Media International following its transmission on Channel 5.

Boasting a stellar cast including Sue Johnston (The Royle Family, Downton Abbey), Sion Daniel Young (Deceit, Keeping Faith) and Clare Dunne (Kin, Herself), this riveting crime drama from acclaimed director Diarmuid Goggins (Silent Witness), promises to have viewers hooked from the get-go.

It's business as usual for Jodie (Toussaint-White), a single mum who runs her own hairdressing salon, until she glances out of the window and catches a glimpse of an altercation between two men, but unbeknownst to her one of the men is about to be murdered. In that seemingly innocuous split second, Jodie's life is turned upside down... forever.

When the police make an appeal, Jodie decides to come forward, believing her information to be of little consequence. But she quickly learns that she's the prosecution's key witness, known only as Witness Number Three to protect her identity, and is assigned protection from P.C. Ivan Barkas (Young).

When the murderer - a key player in a local gang - realises that Jodie's evidence could put him behind bars, a terrifying campaign of intimidation to silence her unfolds and escalates with dramatic consequences.

What ensues is a chilling and tense game of cat and mouse that poses a simple question: How far are you prepared to go to do the right thing?

Witness Number Three is a disturbing and compelling thriller packed full of suspense, fear and intrigue.

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The Witch Limited Edition Blu-ray & 4K UHD

Robert Eggers' internationally lauded directorial debut feature The Witch (2016), features a spellbinding performance from a young Anya Taylor-Joy early on in a career that has seen her become a force to be reckoned with. Now this chilling, fear-filled film gets the highly anticipated Limited Edition 4K UHD/Blu-ray treatment, packed full of bonus features, courtesy of Second Sight Films.

This terrifying, enthralling horror has earned plaudits galore from across the globe, including the auspicious Sundance best director prize, along with a London Film Festival award and a double win at the Empire Awards and now gets a stunning, collectable box set release including both 4K UHD and Blu-ray versions, on 25 July 2022.

New England, 1630: An English farmer (Ralph Ineson - Game of Thrones, The Green Knight) - upon threat of banishment by the church - leaves his colonial plantation and relocates to a remote plot, surrounded by an ominous forest, with his wife (Kate Dickie - Prevenge, Red Road) and their children... But deep in the dark woods lurks an unknown evil.

Strange and unsettling things start to occur, animals turn malevolent, crops start to fail. Then one of the children disappears and another becomes worryingly sick, could he be possessed by an evil spirit? With mounting paranoia, suspicion falls on eldest daughter Thomasin (Joy - The Queen's Gambit, Last Night in Soho) and they accuse her of witchcraft...then darkness descends.

The Witch Limited Edition comes with special features on both discs, brand new interviews with Robert Eggers, Anya Taylor-Joy, Kate Dickie, Ralph Ineson and Harvey Scrimshaw, new and archive commentaries, a short film by the director and more! The set is presented in a rigid slipcase with new artwork by Peter Diamond, a 150 page hardback book featuring brand new essays and collector's art cards, please see full list below.

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That Was A Serious Party

This July 21 - 24, as the legendary immersive The Secret Garden Party makes a welcome return for its 20th anniversary edition, following a self-imposed hiatus of five years, a brand-new feature documentary That Was a Serious Party, directed by Dylan Harvey, takes us on a magical journey of why the UK's most anarchic, creative festival is so loved, and how it originated.

It arrives on digital platforms on July 25, courtesy of Bohemia Media and it will also be available on their own digital platform, Bohemia Euphoria ( from July 21.

How do you grow a festival? There is one person to ask, and that is Freddie Fellowes the founder of The Secret Garden Party. This brand-new documentary does just that as it takes us behind the scenes and shares the story of how a small party in field, attended by a few hundred people, went on to become a seminal, much-loved event filled with music, art, and creativity, but most of all made a massive connection with its audience, encouraging participation and friendships, where everyone is a VIP.

Freddie Fellowes says:

'In its 15-year pioneering history SGP had never allowed any backstage access to photographers let alone film makers - but in 2017 (the year we thought was our last) this changed due to the silver tongues of the director and producer of this film, Dylan and Haseeb.

In a festival world dominated by stories of Fyre, theft and rampant commercialism; ours is a very different take on a counterculture that has taken the world by storm.'

That Was a Serious Party is an eye-opening and hugely entertaining documentary that offers a unique insider's eye view of a world of bacchanalian stories, psychedelic adventures and lifts the curtain on how this event came to be so influential. The film is an irreverent, funny, poignant celebration of music festivals in all their chaotic, muddy glory that doesn't shy away from the taboo. Amongst the hedonism and hardcore frivolity, the film also explores the darker side of how it managed to tackle current social issues including drug use and tells the important story of how a tragic event, that shocked the party to its core, and spurred a mental health awareness drive that has been adopted by the entire festival industry.

The film is a living, breathing energetic and sincere love letter to this iconic event that has since inspired so many, proudly celebrating the legacy, the origins and the faithful 'gardeners', that make this serious party just so special.

That Was a Serious Party does so by combining the eccentricities, the love, and the chaos of your best party ever. Clips of archive footage, user created content, filmed interviews and wonderful cartoons by the veteran cult comic book artist Pete Loveday give an authentic flavour of how much SGP raised the bar for all others who followed.

It is all accompanied by a banging soundtrack from the likes of some of the fantastic artists who have played SGP - from the legendary and much missed Desmond Dekker to Leftfield and Baxter Dury to The Orb alongside The Egg, Adam Freeland, Dark Sky, Crystal Fighters, Psychemajik... and many more. All reflect the mood and excitement that this event creates.

Director Dylan Harvey says:

'Having worked and played at music festivals pretty much all my life, it has always been an ambition to faithfully portray the experience of being at one in all its colourful, anarchic glory and in my opinion, there weren't many as anarchic and colourful as The Secret Garden Party. This groundbreaking event pushed the envelope when it came to pulling down the fence between artist and audience, creating an immersive world of secret and not so secret happenings going off across the site.

So when in 2017 Freddie Fellowes announced that it was ending after 15 years, still at the height of its popularity, it presented us with an opportunity to bring the party vibe from field to screen by telling not just the story of this unique festival but to also use the festival as a means of exploring a culture which in those 15 years saw the transition from underground to mainstream, thanks perhaps in no small part to the rise of social media's double edged sword making events such as these into 'bucket list' moments.'

SGP is the largest independent event in the UK. It was the first to introduce drugs testing, first to call for a safe sexual practices charter, first to have 360-degree welfare provisions. It was also the first to have a restaurant, first to take boutique camping up in the manner of a hotel experience and first to the bar with what became some of Europe's largest acts (Jungle, Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, Lily Allen, Wolf Alice, London Grammar, Metronomy, Dua Lipa, Florence & The Machine, The XX, Years & Years, Kae Tempest, Caribou, Maribou State, Bastille, Lianne La Havas, Regina Spektor, Clean Bandit, Lykke Li and many many more). This all grew organically from the most authentic roots of a 700-person party in a back garden and was done with no sponsorship.

On news of its return 70,000 fans applied for 20,000 available places at Secret Garden Party 2022. Tickets sold out immediately. Registered fans who were unable to get tickets this year will be offered a pre-release, special price to view the film over the actual SGP weekend, hopefully with their friends, and an early link to next year's pre-registration.

In a 'Life Imitating Art' moment the film will be shown at a special screening in front of the 'gardeners' at the actual event on Thursday 21 July.

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