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Technotise: Edit & I

Filled with sex, drugs, fast cars and hover boards, Serbian cyberpunk anime hybrid Technotise: Edit & I has all the makings of a cult classic and now comes to UK DVD for the very first time courtesy of Simply Media.

Directed and written by renowned comic book author and artist Aleksa Gajić (Scrouge of the Gods), this exhilarating sci-fi animation based on his graphic novel Technotise makes its UK DVD debut on 9 November 2015.

Belgrade, Serbia, the year is 2074.

Edit keeps failing her exams. Her parents keep nagging her. Her boyfriend's a pothead. Her teacher is pervy. She is bored with life and no-one's giving her a break.

When her drug-dealing friend offers to implant a stolen military memory chip into her bloodstream to improve her brain power, she jumps at the chance. Little could she predict just how powerful the chip was.

The stolen technology begins to take over her mind and body. She develops a split personality and new powers greater than she ever imagined. But, the battle is now on to retrieve the stolen technology running through her veins - and Edit has to race against time to save her life...

Meet your new hero. She's about to blow your mind in Technotise: Edit & I.

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Last of the Romantics

What if the love of your life died before you met them? Middle-aged Parker Graves (Chris Bruno - The World's Fastest Indian) is a frustrated composer making his living writing music for adverts. Parker's gloomy life is at a standstill, until morbid curiosity inspires him to intrude into a stranger's funeral. He is instantly entranced by Hope, a deceased ballerina, and as his obsession grows, Parker begins to examine the shortcomings of his own life. Winner of numerous film awards, including Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Actress at the 2007 New York International Independent Film Festival, the compelling and deeply moving film Last of the Romantics captures the mid-life struggles of a man clinging to his artistic impulses and the promise of true love. It also stars Brittany Daniel (Dawson's Creek) and Dylan Bruno (Saving Private Ryan).

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The Man from the Future

Atomic time-travelling romantic comedy The Man From The Future starring award winning Wagner Moura (Elysium) comes to DVD for the first time ever in the UK since its original release in 2011 and UK premiere at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival in 2013. Zero (Moura) is a brilliant but bitter scientist still haunted by a college party 20 years ago where he was publicly humiliated and lost the love of his life, Helena. But he soon gets the chance to rewrite history when an accident with one of his inventions opens a portal to the past. Without a second thought Zero seizes the opportunity to rewrite his history, travelling back to 1991 in order to get Helena back. Returning back to the present Zero is horrified to discover that he is now a powerful but corrupt businessman. And Helena is even further away from him than before. Zero's only option is to return to the past...

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The Immortal Story

It's a rarely seen, lost classic from the genius that was Orson Welles and now, as part of the ongoing celebrations marking the centenary of the maverick multi-hyphenate, The Immortal Story is making its first ever appearance on Blu-ray anywhere in the world.

The Immortal Story, Welles' penultimate film as a director, a film described as a "sumptuous experience" (Time Out) has now been given a sumptuous, high definition transfer courtesy of Mr Bongo Films, with the Blu-ray due on 2 November 2015 marking its first HD release in any territory.

Welles' second-to-last feature as a director, The Immortal Story is an adaptation of a book by Danish author Isak Dinesen and stars Jeanne Moreau.

The year is 1860 in the Portuguese colony of Macao, Mr. Clay (Welles) is an aging, rich merchant, who is the subject of town gossip. He likes his clerk Levinsky (Roger Coggio), to read to him to help him relax in the evenings and one night he recounts a tale about a rich man who paid a poor sailor five guineas to father a child with his beautiful young wife. Mr. Clay has no wife and no heir to his fortune and resolves to make the story true...Levinsky approaches Virginie Ducrot (Moreau), another clerk's mistress, and strikes a bargain for 300 guineas. Now to find the sailor...

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Fresh Dressed

The birth and history of hip hop has been well documented, from the music, block parties and digging in the crates for breaks to graffiti and breakdancing, all proving rich subjects for documentaries. But the accompanying fashion, the groundbreaking styles sported by early artists and fans of the genre, whose rush to find new threads, kicks and accessories went beyond Adidas sneakers and tracksuits to customised, graffiti jackets, Kangol hats and far, far beyond, hasn't been given the attention it deserves...Until now.

Fly feature documentary Fresh Dressed charts the innovative, weird and wonderful styles worn by hip-hop artists, rappers and crews from the inception of the movement through to the multi-million dollar fashion empires built by current megastars such as Sean "Puffy" Combs.

With funky, fat-laced Adidas, Kangol hats, and Cazal shades, a totally original look was born - Fresh - and it came from the black and brown side of town where another cultural force was revving up in the streets to take the world by storm. Hip-hop, and its aspirational relationship to fashion, would become such a force on the market that Tommy Hilfiger, in an effort to associate their brand with the cultural swell, would drive through the streets and hand out free clothing to kids on the corner.

As Kanye West - one of the many rap icons interviewed for Sacha Jenkins' Fresh Dressed - says: "Being fresh is more important than having money. The entire time I grew up, I only wanted money so I could be fresh."

Sean "Puffy" Combs, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Nas and many more all wax lyrical on the importance of being Fresh Dressed in this fascinating film, due in cinemas on 30 October 2015, courtesy of Dogwoof, following its London Film Festival Premiere. The film will then make its DVD bow on 9 November 2015.

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Pups United

The winning combination of football and fidos is on offer in the hugely entertaining family outing Pups United, which makes its DVD bow-wow for the half term holidays on 26 October 2015 from Entertainment One.

Pups United follows a kids' soccer team and their supportive bunch of hounds as they battle in-team rivalry as well as their top class opponents in this classic underdog tale, which offers up a hugely entertaining mix of talking animals, football action and a dastardly duo of incompetent criminals.

It's the children's football World Cup and Ryan's team are competing with the support of their doggy team mascot Rex, a loveable border collie, with a secret. He can talk! Something which is handy for making friends with the other canine mascots.

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The Locksmith

The Locksmith is a six-part crime drama from 1997 starring Warren Clarke (Dalziel and Pascoe) in the lead role as locksmith Roland Pierce. Roland is an honest craftsman, until his ex-wife is nearly killed by an intruder in an attempted robbery, and his life spins out of control. The police are certain they've got their man; a local junkie (John Simm - Life on Mars) known for causing trouble. But Roland is unconvinced and decides to take the law into his own hands.

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My Wife Next Door

Hilarious BAFTA winning classic BBC sitcom My Wife Next Door (1972), starring John Alderton (Calendar Girls) and Hannah Gordon (Upstairs! Downstairs!), finally gets the release it deserves after being in huge demand, but unavailable as the full series since it aired in the 1970s. Now thanks to Simply Media it makes its DVD debut on 19 October 2015.

When George (Alderton) and Suzy (Gordon) finalise their divorce, they're both eager to make a fresh start and make plans to get away from it all and especially each other. But their new lives begin to look suspiciously like their old, when they both relocate to the countryside and are appalled to discover they have accidentally moved into adjoining country cottages.

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