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The Nightingale Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set release

Powerful Australian Western horror The Nightingale, the second feature from lauded director Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), premiered at Venice International Film Festival in 2018 and screened at Cannes Film Festival, provoking a strong reaction from critics and audiences alike. The Nightingale now arrives as a Limited-Edition Blu-ray box set from Second Sight Films on 8 February 2021.

1825, the penal colony of Van Diemen's Land, or present-day Tasmania. Irish convict Clare Carroll (Aisling Franciosi - The Fall, Game of Thrones) works as a servant for the British Colonial force detachment led by Colonel Hawkins (Sam Claflin - The Hunger Games, Peaky Blinders), but when unwanted advances result in a brutal, humiliating attack, Clare is dead set on revenge. Teaming up with Aboriginal tracker Billy (Baykali Ganambarr - The Furnace), the pair must put aside their differences to achieve their bloody vengeance.

Steeped in the horrors of Australian history, this unflinching tale refuses to soften its often-brutal message, but is a testament to determination, bravery and above all, hope.

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Clementine Digital Release

CLEMENTINE is the critically acclaimed feature film debut from one-to-watch writer/director Lara Jean Gallagher, who has drawn comparisons to Jane Campion (Slant Magazine). Making waves upon its premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, this taut, atmospheric drama is now set for its premiere in the UK from Bohemia Media.

Equal parts tense psychological drama and sexual coming-of-age story, CLEMENTINE sees a heartbroken woman become entangled with a younger girl after breaking into her ex's remote lake house in the Pacific Northwest.

Struggling to come to terms with her devastating break-up from girlfriend D, Karen (Otmara Marrero - Start-up, Vandal, Miss Arizona), drives to a remote cabin in the woods where they spent much of their relationship and, craving the closeness she once had with the love of her life, she breaks in and decides to stay.

When the fresh-faced, care-free Lana (Sydney Sweeney - Euphoria, Sharp Objects, The Handmaid's Tale), turns up searching for her lost dog, Karen feels like her solitude has been interrupted, but with Lana's persistence the pair begin to form a closeness.

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Running Naked Digital Release

Making its UK Premiere on World Cancer Day, Running Naked is a wonderful new British feature from Emmy winning director Victor Buhler (Rikers High, The Negotiators), that's guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.

A story with cancer at its heart - yet so very much more, the film stars Matthew McNulty (The Terror, Misfits) and Andrew Gower (The Village, Being Human) as two friends who bond during their teenage cancer treatment and become lifelong buddies... but must face a challenge that leads to a life-changing adventure.

Filmed on location in Stoke on Trent, Manchester and Wolverhampton, Running Naked had its World Premiere at the Beijing Film Festival, to a rapturous response, and is now set for its UK premiere on 4th February 2021, with its digital release on 8th February 2021 courtesy of Now Films with a portion of all profits donated to Teenage Cancer Trust and Weston Park Hospital.

When Ben (Gower) and Mark (McNulty) meet in hospital while undergoing leukaemia treatment, they become inseparable. Their wild boyish pranks on the ward may drive the doctors to distraction but it helps take their minds off their precarious state of health.

Skip forward 20 years and their lives have taken different directions... Mark has forged a successful career as a doctor, while Ben is in a dead-end job with debilitating obsessive tendencies. But they have always maintained their friendship and never fail to meet for their regular catch ups. When Mark receives some shocking news, he's forced to re-evaluate his life and the two men embark on an adventure. As their exploits grow more dramatic, a secret Mark has been hiding comes to light and forces Ben to question everything he knows.

Written by Victor Buhler, Jennifer Knowles and Michael Knowles, the story is a heartfelt and moving tale that draws on Jennifer Knowles' personal experience as a cancer survivor, that balances humour, emotion and drama in equal measure. In a world where cancer affects so many lives Running Naked brings a positive and hopeful message to everyone and anyone whose life has been touched by the disease.

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Acorn TV January 2021 Highlights

4 Jan: CARE and MOVING ON from acclaimed writer JIMMY MCGOVERN

These powerful dramas tell stories from the heart of Britain, from the care system to the contemporary lives of ordinary people, and the life-changing decisions they must make. With all-star casts including Sheridan Smith, Anne Reid, John Simm, Claire Skinner, Andrew Tiernan, Paul Copley, Ewen Bremner, and Jenny Agutter


Set in rural Australia in the 1950s, this sweeping, romantic drama sees acclaimed actor Marta Dusseldorp (Jack Irish, Stateless) take the lead as Sarah Adams, a nurse with a mysterious past who returns to Australia after 20 years abroad. Making her passage home aboard an ocean liner, Sarah becomes involved in the lives of the Blighs, a wealthy Australian family with secrets of their own.


Irish superstar Amy Huberman returns with her hit comedy series, which she both penned and plays the lead as accidental social media influencer Joy. Following the hilarious first series, Joy is back with a bang in Series 2, that sees her really hitting her stride and leaning into the newfound fame. From getting in touch with her teenage self, babysitting for bestie Olivia, tracing her roots, and dealing with romantic interest both wanted and unwanted, old and new, she is committed to living life to the fullest and Finding Joy.


Adapted from two international best sellers by award-winning author Dror A Mishani, this tense Israeli drama begins with a terrorist attack which preoccupies and distracts the entire Israeli security service from a seemingly unrelated missing person...but could the two be connected? Heading up the investigation, will Detective Avi (Moris Cohen) open his eyes to the truth staring him in the face?


Alex Irving (Deborah Mailman - Mystery Road, Jack Irish), a charismatic and contradictory indigenous woman, is thrust into the national limelight after a horrific event and Australia's embattled Prime Minister Rachel Anderson (Rachel Griffiths - Six Feet Under, Hacksaw Ridge), sees a publicity goldmine for her party. In a bold power play, she handpicks Alex for the Senate, but Alex wants to be more than just a political stunt: she wants to make a difference. When the Prime Minister's cynical calculations betray her, Alex is hellbent on revenge that will send the political establishment into meltdown.

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The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud Blu-ray, DVD & digital release

Forget Fortnite, step away from Among Us, switch off the console and step back in time for the crazy, retro-gaming, rip-roaring sci-fi comedy adventure THE INTERGALACTIC ADVENTURES OF MAX CLOUD.

Dive into the action with plucky gamer Sarah (Isabelle Allen) and follow her misadventures as she accidentally becomes a character in her favourite video game. Taking on the avatar of Jake (Elliot James Langridge), she teams up with kickass action hero Max Cloud (Scott Adkins), and his trusty side-kicks as they do battle to save the world. The film pays homage to movies of the 80s and early 90s and is totally shameless, action, sci-fi fun.

Directed by Martin Owen (Let's Be Evil, Twist) who co-wrote with Sally Collett, The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud is released on digital on 18 January 2021, alongside DVD and Blu-ray formats, courtesy of 101 Films and (Yet) Another Distribution Company.

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The New Music digital release

Prick up your ears and get ready to rock with The New Music, a foot-stomping, Irish musical-drama with a big heart and a punk ethos, that has been making waves at festivals and recently won the Spirit of Indie Cork Award. This heartwarming feature is now set for its UK premiere on digital 18 January 2021 courtesy of 101 Films.

When talented classical pianist Adrian (Cillein McEvoy), is diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease, his world falls apart. Afraid of the health implications and failing his family, Adrian runs away from home, destination Dublin. Finding a room in shared apartment he meets Will (Jack Fenton), David (Patrick O'Brien) and Jodie (Martina Babisova) aka The Cellmates, a rebellious punk band, who practise what they preach. As a bond forms with his new-found friends, their rock n roll lifestyle and raucous music provide a lively distraction from his troubles.

The Cellmates are everything but uptight...will Adrian struggle to adjust, or could he find freedom in their chaos?

Directed by Chiara Viale (Clown, Be Frank), in her feature debut, she was inspired to write the story after her father died having suffered from Multiple System Atrophy, a rare degenerative neurological disorder with symptoms similar to Parkinson's. The film is supported by Young Parkinson's Ireland and aims to dispel the stigma and shine a light on this rare condition. The eclectic soundtrack includes two original songs composed by Zac Stephenson of Irish band Munky, and dispersed throughout the film's rock and punk vibes are the classical compositions of Mancunian David Sangster, musician and World Parkinson's Congress Ambassador.

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Paradise Z digital release

The undead don't have any plans to self-isolate in Paradise Z, a gore-splattered, gut-spilling, survival of the fittest (and sexiest) zombie thriller.

When girlfriends Sylvia (Milena Gorum) and Rose (Alice Tantayanon) try to escape the Apocalypse by heading to a remote idyllic ranch, for some together-time, death decides to take a vacation too in zombiefest Paradise Z, coming to digital on 4 January 2021 courtesy of (Yet) Another Distribution Company.

Life in isolation might be the new normal, but Sylvia and Rose's plans are ruined when the luxury paradise resort they are hunkering down in is attacked by the zombies that have taken over the rest of the world. The girls must fight their way out in this heart-pounding battle for survival...who will make it out alive?

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Acorn TV December 2020 Highlights


Line of Duty favourite Adrian Dunbar stars in darker than dark drama, Blood. This tense psychological series sees Unforgotten's Carolina Main in a stand-out turn as Cat Hogan, an estranged daughter who must return to the family home in rural Ireland, following the sudden, seemingly accidental death of her mother...but someone has Blood on their hands.


Inspired by true events, Operation Buffalo is a satiric thriller with a dark edge, that shines a light on a little known and highly controversial part of Australia's modern history - the British nuclear testing in the South Australia Outback at the height of the Cold War. It tells the tale of undercover operations and questionable behaviour at a time where no one knows who to trust or what to believe. It will have you hooked from its action-packed start. Stars Ewen Leslie, James Cromwell and Jessica De Gouw.


BAFTA Cymru-winning, dual language Welsh-English drama set in Port Talbot follows a brother and sister on opposite sides of the law. Criminal Sam (Jacob Ifan, I'll Find You, Hinterland) and his ambitious policewoman sister Gina (Catrin Stewart, Doctor Who, Misfits) face new challenges in this second series as Sam is due to be released from prison and Gina must track down what seems to be a serial killer...but could there be a personal motive that puts the troubled pair in danger?


This Swedish comedy drama with a lot of heart follows the trials and tribulations of the King family. When their mother Maud dies, Klara and Thomas return home to support their father, with their own families in tow. They decide to stick around for the whole season, to spend the summer at the family paradise, among the rocks and cliffs of Stockholm's archipelago. Three generations, one family and a lot of will they manage together for five weeks?


Acting royalty Helen Mirren (The Queen, Catherine the Great), plays the great eponymous monarch with aplomb in this 2005 period miniseries. With a star-studded court that includes the stellar talents of Hugh Dancy (Hannibal, Homeland), Toby Jones (Capital, Detectorists), Jeremy Irons (Watchmen, The Borgias), Eddie Redmayne (The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Theory of Everything), and Ian McDiarmid (Britannia, Star Wars), we delve in to both the public and private life of Queen Elizabeth I in her later years.

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