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Detectorists Series Two

MACKENZIE CROOK'S award-winning, critically acclaimed comedy series Detectorists returns for its hugely anticipated second series and following its run on BBC Four makes its DVD debut from RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Label.

Best friends Andy (Mackenzie Crook - The Office, Pirates Of The Caribbean) and Lance (Toby Jones - The Girl, Captain America: The First Avenger) share a passion for metal detecting and spend their time scouring the English countryside, hoping for the one rare find that could change their lives forever.

Series one boasted the biggest ratings BBC Four has ever had for a comedy and now Detectorists Series Two arrives on DVD on 7 December 2015 alongside the Detectorists Complete Series One and Two Box Set.

The new series follows the pair one year on and Lance is still lovelorn after the departure of his ex-wife, but may be about to surprise everybody with a new and unexpected relationship.

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Ghost Story

It was one of the most talked about horror films of the early 1980s, thanks, in no small part, for the wealth of Hollywood royalty nearing the end of their careers starring in what was, for many of them, the first and only horror film of their working lives.

And now, for the first time in the UK, Ghost Story arrives on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Second Sight on 7 December 2015.

The film, based on the acclaimed Peter Straub bestseller (rated by Stephen King as one of the finest examples of the craft of the late 20th century) stars screen legends Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and John Houseman. Three of the four were making their final film appearances ever, with the acclaimed horror proving to be a fitting epitaph for their talents. The film also stars a haunting Alice Krige (Star Trek).

Ghost Story follows a quartet of elderly friends who while away the time in their dotage by telling each other spooky stories and creepy tales as part of their Chowder Society group.

But when one of them meets an untimely end and the rest are afflicted with troubling nightmares, it appears as if past crimes could be catching up with them...

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Essex Boys: The Truth

On the morning of 7 December 1995 Britain awoke to a shocking news story. Three men had been found brutally murdered in a Range Rover in Essex.

As the investigation took shape it was clear that this was a gangland killing - one that has become one of the most infamous gangland murders in British history - the murder of the notorious Essex Boys. Now, 20 years on, a brand new feature documentary reveals the truth behind the shocking Rettendon murders and charts the 10 bloodiest years in UK gangland history in Essex Boys: The Truth.

When original 'Essex Boys' Tony Tucker, Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe's reign of fear came to a brutal end in Rettendon, there was a void. The police feared a brutal turf war and they were right. The new generation of Essex Boys was led by Malcolm Walsh, a man with a fearsome reputation who took no prisoners, who, along with partners Damon Alvin, Ricky Percival and Steve 'Nipper' Ellis, became the ultimate Essex firm.

The subsequent turf war led to yet more bloody violence and gangland executions, adding to the myths, lies and injustices. The resulting criminal inquiries point to dubious police practice and colossal judicial incompetence which first saw Darren Nicholls and then nine years later, Damon Alvin, turn supergrass against their former partners. This highly contentious police tactic led to the only instance in UK legal history where a man charged with murder became a witness for both the defence and prosecution in that same murder case, with many believing that the wrong men went to prison.

Former Essex Boy firm member Bernard O Mahoney knows the real story of what happened that night and the ensuing fallout and wants to put to rest the ghosts of those violent years, to see justice served for all and finally, to open the way for the truth to come out.

Written and presented by Bernard O Mahoney (Adapted from his book Essex Boys The Final Word), directed by Christopher Matthews and produced by double BAFTA nominated Revelation Films, Essex Boys: The Truth comes to UK cinemas and On Demand 6 December 2015, then an Amazon Exclusive DVD and eBook release of Essex Boys: The Final Word: No More Myths, No More Lies - The Definitive Story on 14 December 2015, followed by general DVD release on 4 January 2016 from Metrodome.

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The Killing The Complete Series

The acclaimed Emmy nominated US series The Killing, gets its first ever complete collection release on DVD and Blu-ray as The Killing The Complete Series courtesy of Mediumrare. Based on the Danish The Killing (Forbrydelsen), one of the original 'Nordic Noir' hits that put a brand new genre on the map, the slow burning, crime thriller follows the gripping murder investigations led by homicide detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos - Big Love) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman - Robocop). This bumper box set brings all four series together for the first time ever and will be released on 23 November 2015.

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A Sense Of Freedom

Described as one of the hardest-hitting prison dramas in British screen history A Sense Of Freedom, the striking true story about notorious reformed Glasgow gangster Jimmy Boyle, comes to DVD courtesy of Odyssey.

Charged with murder twice and cleared when barely into his twenties, Jimmy Boyle was Scotland's most feared gangster - a Gorbals 'hard man' notorious for his extreme violence. Then he got a taste of his own medicine when he was sentenced to life in a Scottish prison where the regime, with its punishment beatings and solitary confinement, was every bit as brutal as that on the street. Yet out of this bleak and seemingly dead-end system of crime and punishment came an extraordinary chance of redemption, which drove Boyle to make something positive of his life in ways that neither he nor anyone else could ever have imagined.

Directed by John Mackenzie (The Long Good Friday) and featuring a sensational lead performance from Trial & Retribution star David Hayman, the BAFTA-nominated A Sense of Freedom remains one of the most searing, shocking and thought-provoking prison dramas ever seen and is released on DVD on 23 November 2015, in both its blistering original version and a controversial later dubbed and edited version.

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Doc Martin Complete Series Seven

Martin Clunes reprises his role as Britain's favourite grumpy medic in a new series of the hugely popular, long running drama Doc Martin, so popular that Hollywood superstar Sigourney Weaver (Alien) makes an appearance. Following its current run on ITV, Doc Martin Complete Series Seven comes to DVD courtesy of RLJ Entertainment's Acorn Label.

Set in the idyllic, sleepy hamlet of Portwenn in Cornwall, Dr. Martin Ellingham (Clunes - Men Behaving Badly), the town's sole GP with a brusque bedside manner and a phobia of blood, returns for eight new episodes of the ratings winning drama, as he continues to challenge the community, his wife and even Buddy, a stray dog, who cannot resist his fervent rebuffs.

Having separated for a breather in Spain visiting her mother, Louisa (Caroline Catz - DCI Banks) has returned, but not into the arms of Doc Martin. Insisting on a break while they try and sort out their differences, Louisa moves into the family home and Martin moves out. In an effort to win her back, he agrees to undertake couples therapy with Dr Rachel Timoney (Emily Bevan - A Casual Vacancy).

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Nutcracker: The Motion Picture

The much-loved and timeless Christmas ballet Nutcracker is brought to the screen in a magical feature film adaptation - Nutcracker: The Motion Picture - designed by legendary author and artist Maurice Sendak (Where The Wild Things Are).

Based upon the Pacific Northwest Ballet's original production, this wonderful version has been in much demand for many years, and now it makes its long awaited arrival on DVD for the very first time, on 16 November 2015 courtesy of Second Sight.

It is Christmas Eve and guests are arriving at the Stahlbaum home. When Clara's godfather arrives he brings her a gift - an intriguing toy soldier nutcracker that she instantly falls in love with. That night, while the rest of the household is sleeping, Clara creeps downstairs to take another look at her present and as the clock strikes midnight she suddenly finds herself transported to an enchanted world.

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Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense: A band at the peak of their powers. A beautifully staged, carefully choreographed performance. The one with the boom box and Psycho Killer at the start. The Talking Heads one by one joining front man David Byrne on stage. The one where he dances with a lampshade. The one directed by the big name Hollywood director. The one with the big suit at the end.

No wonder Stop Making Sense is rightfully acknowledged as being the best concert film and the best music film ever and is still, more than 30 years after its original release, the yardstick by which all other music films are measured by...

And now, Stop Making Sense is set to arrive on Blu-ray and DVD in a definitive, restored edition - with more than 60,000 instances of dirt and scratches removed - from Second Sight on 16 November 2015.

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