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Acorn TV August 2021 Highlights


Based on the classic detective novels by Alan Hunter, the hit long-running series follows the set-in-his ways, stubborn Detective Inspector George Gently (Martin Shaw - Judge John Deed), who, after the death of his wife, moves up North to solve one more case, but ends up staying. The final series sees DI George Gently at the start of a new decade, 1970 and there's an air of change and unrest in the air as he and his team take on cold cases that see them embroiled in political corruption, putting their lives in danger. Stars Lee Ingleby (Line of Duty, The A Word) and Lisa McGrillis (Mum, Deadwater Fell).


Emmy Award-winning Guy Pearce (Memento, Mildred Pierce) takes the lead as ex-lawyer turned PI Jack Irish in this acclaimed Australian noir that makes its highly anticipated UK premiere with its first three feature length outings - Bad Debts, Black Tide and Dead Point. In Bad Debts, Jack receives a call from ex-client Danny McKillop. Jack goes to help, only to discover Danny is dead. In Black Tide, Des Conners - an old friend of the Irish family - comes to consult Jack over the disappearance of his son Gary. In Dead Point, Jack is consulted by Justice Loder to recover a mysterious red book.


Sarah Phelps adapts another of queen of mystery Agatha Christie's stories for the BBC in a critically acclaimed two-part mini-series. When a mysterious list of names is found in the shoe of a dead woman, Mark Easterbrook (Rufus Sewell), a man who is mentioned on the list, decides to investigate. He is drawn to The Pale Horse, the home of three women who are rumoured to be witches, who can wreak revenge on troublesome relatives. He is soon embroiled in the mysterious and dangerous world of dark arts and, as the bodies mount up, his search for a rational explanation appears to be out of his reach.

16 August: WE GOT THIS

Schiaffino Musarra writes, directs and plays the lead in this hilarious six-episode comedy drama about a down-on-his luck American living in Sweden with his put-upon family, who embarks on a quest to solve the 1986 murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme, inspired by the real-life case. With the promise of $5 million government reward for the person who finds the killer, unemployed George English (Musarra) sees it as his only way to pay off a large tax debt. Teaming up with his closest friend, a wacky conspiracy theorist and former police officer, they venture into a web of intrigue, with side-splittingly funny results.


The stylish and intrepid investigator Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill, Wanted) returns for a second thrilling series of intriguing mysteries. As murders continue to plague the streets of 1960s Melbourne, our daring detective must tackle her trickiest assignment yet; juggling her career, the busy life of an Adventuress, and her romance with Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Deadline Gallipolli). This series includes canine chaos with murder at a Dog Show, heads rolling at a bowling alley as mods take on rockers and Peregrine attempting to reel in the perpetrator of a fishy crime, and the case of the pigeon enthusiast killer.

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Rogue Hostage

Fast and the Furious favourite Tyrese Gibson takes the lead in Rogue Hostage an all-action, high-octane shoot-em-up thriller, that features a star-studded cast, including John Malkovich, Michael Jai White and Luna Lauren Velez. This adrenaline-fueled film is set for its UK premiere on DVD and digital on 26 July 2021 from 101 Films.

The thrill-a-minute actioner sees Gibson as a kick-ass ex-marine who must tackle an evil group of armed militants who storm his stepfather's store and wreak violence and havoc in their wake, taking and breaking hostages galore.

Kyle Snowden is a single father taking care of his young daughter while struggling to cope with PTSD, following his harrowing service in the marines. When a gun-toting gang take over one of his stepfather's (John Malkovich) grocery stores, he's forced to take matters into his own hands, using his well-honed skills to save innocent hostages and topple the militia leader.

With non-stop action and a high-body count Rogue Hostage will take hold and keep you entertained until its explosive finale.

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The Babadook Limited Edition Blu-ray

Internationally renowned horror The Babadook saw The Nightingale's Jennifer Kent make a huge impact with her feature film debut. Now Second Sight Film brings this acclaimed chiller back to life with a brand-new Limited-Edition dual format release featuring the world premiere on 4K UHD plus Blu-ray which will ensure you won't want to get rid of The Babadook.

This standout film sees Essie Davis, star of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, as a grief-stricken mother who is desperately trying to bring up her troubled son the best she can, will a new book be the answer to his sleep woes, or is it the beginning of an unimaginable nightmare?

Following the violent death of her husband on the day their son Samuel (Noah Wiseman) was born, Amelia struggles with his erratic behaviour, and is still battling with the never-ending grief. Refusing to celebrate Samuel's birthday as it's inextricably linked to such a traumatic time, life is a struggle and the one person who's always been there for her, her sister Hayley McElhinne's patience is wearing thin.

As Samuel's seventh birthday approaches his fears get worse, he's convinced a monster is coming to get them, and he won't settle, no matter how many bedtime stories he's told. When an intriguing storybook appears on the bookshelf, Samuel becomes convinced that the Babadook is the monstrous creature he's always feared and as Amelia senses the ominous presence herself, she slowly begins to unravel.

The stunning Limited Edition is released on 26 July 2021 and is presented in a stunning rigid slipcase with new artwork by Peter Diamond. Full of outstanding special features it includes brand-new and archive interviews, audio commentaries, a short film and a 150-page hardback book with brand new essays and collectors' art cards.

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Joy Womack: The White Swan

Experience the joy and pain of professional ballet with Joy Womack: The White Swan, an intimate look at the journey of professional ballerina Joy Womack from her humble beginnings in Texas to performing as prima ballerina with the Kremlin Ballet. This beautiful and insightful film dances on to digital on 19 July 2021 courtesy of 101 Films.

Joy Womack is lauded as one of the greatest ballerinas in the world, and now a brand-new evocative documentary follows her early family life in Texas and sees her passion and drive that takes her to the top of her profession to become a world-class ballet dancer.

At the age of just 15, Womack was invited to dance at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Russia and now this film steps beyond the stage and takes a rarely seen look into the highs and lows of professional ballet, through her training in Russia and culminates in a captivating performance in one of the most prestigious roles... as the White Swan in Swan Lake, demonstrating the dedication she has to her craft and the work required to reach the pinnacle of the ballet world.

Taking a swan dive into the physical and mental toll that ballet, particularly at the highest level, can take, the film features commentary from Womack, and interviews with friends, teachers and journalists. This dazzling documentary provides a unique insight into the intriguing world of elite ballet dancers.

Joy Womack: The White Swan is a striking and enthralling look into the grace and determination of one of the finest performers in the world.

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The Krays Limited Edition Blu-ray

Two of Britain's most notorious brothers The Krays were taken on by another famous pair of siblings The Kemps in Peter Medak's big screen gangster biopic. Originally released in 1990 the film has gone on to gain cult status and is now set for a Limited Edition Blu-ray release from Second Sight Films this summer.

Gary and Martin Kemp were 80s music sensations, as part of the band Spandau Ballet they were internationally acclaimed with a huge fanbase... but when they made their big screen debut, people questioned whether they'd cut the mustard. They proved the doubters wrong with their powerhouse performances, as the infamous twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray and were supported by a stand-out cast including an impressive performance by award-winning actor Billie Whitelaw (The Omen) as their good old Mum.

More than 30 years after its premiere The Krays is now set for the Limited Edition Blu-ray Box set treatment, in a stunning rigid slip-case with brand-new artwork, a perfect bound booklet and a slew of special features on 12 July 2021

From their humble East End beginnings, Ronnie and Reggie Kray became the most notorious figures in London's gangland underworld. From extortion to murder, their horrific brutality became legendary and throughout the 50s and 60s they ruled by fear, until life sentences in 1969 finally ended their bloody reign of terror.

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Line Of Duty Complete Series 1-6 Blu-ray Box Set

With universal praise from critics and viewers alike, lauded as 'The King of the crime dramas', 'Exhilarating, white-knuckle ride' and 'Thrilling entertainment', the internationally acclaimed ratings record-breaker Line Of Duty finally gets the high-def treatment as Line of Duty Complete Series One To Six is set to be released as a bumper Blu-ray box set release.

Following its rollercoaster return to the BBC earlier this year, with its highly anticipated sixth series, the explosively thrilling TV behemoth, from award-winning scribe Jed Mercurio (Bodyguard, Bloodlands), can now be enjoyed in full on Blu-ray from 12 July 2021.

Line of Duty Complete Series One To Six Blu-ray follows the police corruption unit AC-12, made up of our favourite team as they take on 'bent coppers' - Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar - Blood, Broken), Detective Inspector Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure - This Is England, The Secret Agent) and Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston - The Nest, Traces).

This addictively intense police drama has earned a legion of fans with its 'nail biting action, complex characters, and intricate plot' (TV Guide). At anti-corruption unit AC-12, Superintendent Ted Hastings leads his team of DS Steve Arnott and DC Kate Fleming in their suspected police corruption investigations... in the process, they begin to uncover a conspiracy that reaches to the very highest echelons of the force.

Each series sees a phenomenal acting talent take on the role of the police officer being investigated and takes us on a ride that keeps us guessing with its heart-stopping interrogations and intricate plots. The show features a stand-out cast including Craig Parkinson, Neil Morrissey, Maya Sondhi, Nigel Boyle, Anna Maxwell Martin, Polly Walker and Shalom Brune-Franklin, who play some of the series' most memorable characters.

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The Green Sea

A darkness is coming, with mysterious figures and bloody mayhem, The Green Sea, an enchantingly dark fantasy drama from writer/director Randal Plunkett (Out There), where nothing is quite what it seems, is destined for UK shores.

This thrilling new feature, set for its UK premiere on 5 July from Reel 2 Reel Films, stars Canadian scream queen Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, American Mary, Hannibal) as an American writer living a solitary life in the remote Irish countryside... but why is she there and who or what is she trying to escape from?

Simone is haunted by visions of an ominous past that become intertwined with the mysterious world of her new novel, and the lines between reality and fantasy soon begin to blur.

When a car accident leads to a chance encounter with a young teenage girl, known only as "Kid" played by rising star Hazel Doupe (Ripper Street, Smother, Float Like A Butterfly), things begin to get stranger and stranger and both their lives are about to change forever.

Offering the lost teen a place to stay, the pair strike up an unlikely friendship, can Simone protect her from the nefarious Collector who seems to be searching for Kid, and who really is this mysterious girl?

Also starring Jenny Dixon (Full Circle), Dermot Ward (Game of Thrones), Michael Parle (Tin Can Man) and Zeb Moore (Hexing).

Ride the waves of mystery of The Green Sea, an intriguing fantasy thriller.

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The Dark And The Wicked

From the director of the renowned, hit horror The Strangers Bryan Bertino, comes his latest critically acclaimed feature The Dark and The Wicked, which makes its UK Blu-ray debut from Acorn Media International in conjunction with Shudder, following its success on the streaming service. This the first of many exciting Shudder titles Acorn will be releasing on physical formats this year.

Bertino has been garnering huge international praise and has been lauded by Esquire as 'There's no filmmaker working today more adept at generating scares via the sudden appearance of shadowy background figures'. His latest film is an extremely disturbing, tense, atmospheric chiller.

The Dark and The Wicked features a stellar cast that sees The Umbrella Academy's breakout star Marin Ireland (The Irishman) and Fear the Walking Dead's Michael Abbott Jr. as siblings who must return to the family home to say their goodbyes to their dying father, but are met with a situation beyond their wildest nightmares. The film will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital to download and keep on 5 July 2021.

On a secluded farm, a father (Michael Zagst - Divine Access) is bedridden and fighting through his final breaths while his wife slowly succumbs to overwhelming grief. Siblings Louise (Marin Ireland) and Michael (Michael Abbott Jr.) return home to help, but it doesn't take long for them to see that something's terribly wrong with their mother (Julie Oliver-Touchstone - Preacher) -something more than her heavy sorrow. Gradually, they begin to suffer a darkness similar to their mother's, marked by waking nightmares and a growing sense that an evil entity is taking over their family.

The Dark and the Wicked will jangle your nerves and either keep you on the edge of your sofa... or running for safety behind it.

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